Staff Directory

 Name Position Ext.
 Odessa Municipal Office 613 386-7351 
 Alida Moffatt Interim Chief Administrative Officer 111
 Kerry Rousselle Executive Assistant 107
 Trina McGarvey
 Human Resources Manager
 Administrative Services  
 Paul Snider Director of Administrative Services/Clerk 121
 Donna O'Neill
 Assistant to the Clerk 120
 Jane Austin (Katie Amey interim)  Administrative Assistant/Receptionist 0
 Shevaun Hoyle
 By-law Enforcement 123
 Nicole Shorts
 By-law Enforcement  123
  Director of Finance 109
 Lisa Cruise Deputy Treasurer/Finance Supervisor 122
 Cathy Gibson General Ledger/Payroll 114
 Sally Daigle Accounts Payable/Receivable 113
 Jen Farber (Haydi Wong interim)
 Utilities Billing 105
 Karen Brant  Payroll 106
 Maureen Sharpe Property Taxes and Assessment 119
 Harry Burke Information Technology Manager 146 
 Mark Bright System Administrator 132
 Infrastructure Services   
 David Thompson Director of Infrastructure Services 118
 Lorie McFarland Utilities Manager 108
 David MacPherson Public Works Manager
 Jenna Shultz
 Engineering Manager
  Administrative Assistant
 MJ Merritt Utilities Compliance Officer 152
 Ileana Ottenhof Departmental Inquiries 116
 Alex Scott Engineering Technician 115
 Peter Vass GIS Technician 124
 Chris McTaggart Engineering Technician 102
 Brad Nieman Utilities Underground Infrastructure
 Randy Ferguson Construction Supervisor 172
 Troy Buchanan
 Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
 Jesse Gawley Technical Supervisor 180
 Scott Lawlor Roads Supervisor 181

 Planning & Development Services and Building

 Murray Beckel Director of Planning & Development Services/Chief Building Official 130
 Jim Sova Planner 144
 David Casemore Planning Technician/GIS Coordinator
 Randy Sangster Bldg Inspector/Prop. Standards 125
 Mark Parkinson Bldg Inspector/Prop. Standards 174
 Scott Fellows Bldg Inspector/Prop. Standards 128
 Kevin Peters Bldg Inspector/Prop. Standards 127
 Devin Lake
 Bldg Inspector/Prop. Standards
 Pam Barnard

 Administrative Assistant

 Recreation Services   
 Andree Ferris
 Director of Recreation Services
 Fania Schamehorn
 Administrative Assistant

 W.J. Henderson Recreation

 613 389-3648 
 Teressa Cormier
 Recreation Supervisor
 Don Duffey
 Supervisor of Aquatics and Special Projects 208
 Leah Evoy Pool Program Coordinator 202
 Megan Smith Program Coordinator 211
 Shelly McKenna Part-time Secretary 201
 Cathy Scharf Secretary 200
 Joanne Chamberlain Part-time Secretary 200

 Emergency Services

 613 386-3762 (Odessa Station)

 Wayne Calver Fire Chief 102

 Fred Stephenson

 Deputy Fire Chief


 Ken Underhill Emergency Vehicle Technician 106
 Andrew Field
 Public Education Training Officer