Loyalist Council

Effective December 6, 2010 the titles for Reeve and Deputy Reeve changed to Mayor and Deputy Mayor. 

The Corporation of Loyalist Township is governed by an elected council consisting of a Mayor, Deputy Mayor and five councillors currently serving a four year term.

The actual governing of the Township follows the rules and regulations set out by the Provincial Government in the Municipal Act. Township Council makes decisions affecting the community and the services provided by Loyalist Township.

Loyalist Township offers a range of municipal services including fire protection, water and sewer services, recreational facilities and programs and construction and maintenance of the municipal infrastructure.

Loyalist Township Council members and Township staff are always at your service. We encourage you to browse through the information provided in this website. We hope this information provides some answers to your questions and gives you an overview of the municipal services available to you.

Bill Lowry

Mayor Bill Lowry

Loyalist Banner

Ric Bresee
Deputy Mayor

Deputy Mayor Ric Bresee 

Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected at large
(by all voters in Wards 1, 2 and 3)

Wards Map

Duncan Ashley
Ward 1
(Amherst Island)

Councillor Duncan Ashley

Loyalist Township Council is comprised of 3 Wards with seven elected members: a Mayor, Deputy Mayor and 5 Councillors.

Ed Daniliunas
Ward 2

Councillor Ed Daniliunas

Jim Hegadorn
Ward 3

Councillor Jim Hegadorn

John Ibey
Ward 3

Councillor John Ibey

Penny Porter
Ward 3

Councillor Penny Porter

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