Unofficial results for the 2018 Municipal Council and School Board Elections have now been posted.
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Loyalist Township

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LED Streetlight Conversion Project
Loyalist Township is converting existing cobra head style, high-pressure sodium (HPS) light fixtures to light emitting diode (LED) fixtures. RealTerm Energy is the project manager for this project and Cree Canada the manufacturer of the selected lamps. The conversion project is expected to begin by the end of October and will take several months to complete. More information is available on the project's page.

McIntyre Road Reconstruction & Fred Brown Road Resurfacing
McIntyre Road is undergoing reconstruction between County Road 7 and County Road 4, including full depth excavation and placement of granulars, culvert replacement and ditching, double surface treatment, and restoration of all disturbed areas. Fred Brown Road is being resurfaced between County Road 4 and Thorpe Road, which also includes select culvert replacement and select ditching, double surface treatment, and restoration. These roads were tendered as a single project, which was awarded to Morven Construction. Construction began in late July.

2018 Watermain Relining Program

Two streets in Amherstview will benefit from the structural relining of watermains in 2018: Cambridge Crescent, and the eastern leg of Kildare Avenue between Manitou Crescent West and Cambridge Crescent. Structural relining can extend the life of an existing watermain by several decades, and results in less excavation and subsequent disturbance than a full watermain replacement project. 2018's watermain relining program is the second year of a multi-year contract awarded to Fer-Pal Infrastructure. As of late July, the project is well underway.

Princeton Place Reconstruction
Princeton Place in Amherstview has been identified for full depth road reconstruction, replacement of water and sanitary mains, repaving, and lawn restoration. The project was tendered in the spring of 2018, with the option for contractors to bid either to undertake the work in the summer of 2018 or the spring of 2019. The project has been awarded to Bricaza Corporation, based on construction taking place in the spring of 2019.

Wilton Park Playground
Loyalist Township is partnering with the Wilton Community Association to make improvements to the Wilton Park Playground, including a new play structure, drainage improvements and an accessible pathway. The project was tendered in the spring of 2018 and has been awarded to Kiley Paving. The grand reopening of the park and unveiling of the new equipment is scheduled for July 2, 2018.

Amherstview Water Tower Lining

From April 30 until June 9, 2018, the Amherstview water tower was temporarily closed down to undertake the relining of the tank's interior. The relining work was necessary to preserve the integrity of the tower. C3 Industrial was awarded the project through a Request for Proposals process. Throughout the entirety of the tower shutdown, a total ban on the outdoor use of municipally-treated water was in place throughout Amherstview, including the Brooklands and Harewood subdivisions (municipal water customers in Odessa and Bath were not affected by this work). On June 9, the water tower was returned to service and the water ban was lifted. Regular seasonal outdoor water use restrictions are in place for all municipal water customers in Loyalist Township.

Morden Crescent Reconstruction

Morden Crescent in Amherstview is undergoing replacement of watermains, sanitary sewers and laterals, culverts, new asphalt, and restoration of all disturbed surfaces.

The project was tendered in June 2017, with Amos Excavation being awarded the contract. The project, suspended during the winter months, will be completed in 2018. Throughout the project Morden Crescent is closed except to local traffic.

This project was made possible in part due to funding from the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund.