Loyalist Township

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Department Directory

Odessa Municipal Office 613 386-7351

After-hours Emergencies (roads, water/sewer service, Township facilities): 613 507-3069
C.A.O's Department

Chief Administrative Officer, ext.111
Human Resources & Labour Relations, ext.149
Executive Assistant to CAO and Council, ext.107
Anniversary Certificates, ext.107

Administrative Services

Lottery Licences, Dog Tags, Parking Tickets, ext.100
Council Information, Livestock Predation, ext.120
By-law Enforcement, ext.123
By-law Information, Line Fences, Patio Licenses, Freedom of Information, ext.121
Transient Traders Licences, ext.121
Cemeteries, ext. 120


Director of Finance, ext.109
Deputy Treasurer, ext.104
General finance inquiries, ext.106
Property tax and assessment, ext.119
Accounts Receivable, ext.119
Water and sewer billing, ext.105
Accounts payable, ext.106
General ledger, ext.122
Payroll, ext.114
IT Support, ext.132, 135
Senior Financial Analyst, ext.154

Infrastructure Services

Director of Infrastructure Services, ext.118
Engineering Manager, ext.151
Development review, ext. 177
Capital projects administration, ext. 172
Engineering Technicians, ext. 178, 155
Departmental Clerk/Inquiries, ext.116
Asset management, ext.146
Municipal consents, ext.116, 103
Administrative Assistant, ext.103

Utilities Manager, ext.108
Utilities Service Requests, ext.105, 116, 103
Utilities Billing, ext.105
Utilities Infrastructure Locates, ext.103

Public Works

Public Works Manager, ext.117
Ferry Information, 613-389-3393 (Ferry Office)
Transit Information, 613-546-0000 (Kingston Transit)
Roads, Snowplowing, Drainage Concerns, ext.116
Sidewalks, Streetlight Repairs, ext.116
Garbage, Landfill, Recycling, ext.116


Chief Building Official, ext.130
Supervisor, Building Services, ext.174
Building Permit Inquiries, Property Standards, Building inspection appointments, ext.128
Building Inspectors, ext.136, 125, 127

Planning & Development Services

Director of Planning & Development Services, ext.130
Geospatial information systems, zoning, severances, minor variances, ext.124
Planning inquiries, ext.144
Heritage inquiries, ext.101
Site plans, subdivisions, development inquiries, ext.129
Administrative Assistant, ext.126

Recreation Services

Director of Recreation Services, ext.131
Administrative/Project Assistant, ext.175

W. J. Henderson Recreation Centre 613 389-3648

Recreation Manager, ext.203
Superintendent of Facility Operations, ext.208
Supervisor of Facility Operations, ext.204
Aquatics programs, ext. 202
Special events, community development, ext. 216
Marketing, advertising, customer relations, ext. 217
Main office enquiries, ext.200, 215, 220

Leisure & Activity Centre 613 634-5355

Recreation Program Coordinator, ext.303
Recreation Programmer, ext.301

Emergency Services (Odessa Station) 613 386-3762

Burn By-law Questions, Existing Wood Stove Inspections, Training, Fire Prevention, Open-air Burning Complaints, Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment