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Staff Directory

To prevent spam emails, we do not publish email addresses for staff online. However, staff email addresses all follow the following format: the first initial of the first name, followed by last name (at) loyalist.ca. For instance, John Smith would be jsmith@loyalist.ca. 

Odessa Municipal Office (613) 386-7351
Robert Maddocks - Chief Administrative Officer ext.111
Kerry Rousselle - Executive Assistant ext.107
Natasha Moon - Human Resources Manager ext.149
Administrative Services
Vacant - Director of Administrative Services/Clerk ext.121
Shevaun Hoyle - By-law Enforcement ext.123
Debbie Lynch - Records Management Clerk ext.133
Donna O'Neill - Assistant to the Clerk ext.120
Meg Perry - By-law Enforcement ext.123
Fania Schamehorn - Administrative Assistant Cemeteries ext. 175
Faye Snider - Records Management Clerk ext.171
Kate Tindal - Director of Finance ext.109
Martin Gravelle - Deputy Treasurer/Finance Supervisor/Payroll ext.122
Jane Austin - Finance Clerk/Receptionist ext.100
Sally Daigle - Accounts Payable/Receivable ext.113
Jen Farber - Utilities Billing ext.105
Courtney Hegarty - IT Support Technician ext.132
Andrew Hooper - Information Services Project Coordinator ext.135
Cathy Gibson - General Ledger ext.114
Melia Kelly - Finance Clerk ext.106
Philip Reniers - Financial Analyst ext.104
Maureen Sharpe - Property Taxes and Assessment ext.119
Infrastructure Services
Dave Thompson - Director of Infrastructure Services ext.118
Jenna Campbell - Engineering Manager ext.151 (on leave until June 2017)
David MacPherson - Public Works Manager ext.117
Lorie McFarland - Utilities Manager ext.108
Adam Alexander - Engineering Technician I ext.178
Katie Amey - Administrative Assistant ext.103
Richard Cox - Consulting Engineer ext.179
Bill Craig - Fleet & Infrastructure Supervisor ext.182
Sarah Doherty - Assistant Township Engineer ext.146
Jesse Gawley - Technical Supervisor ext.180
Cory Grant - Engineering Technician I ext.177
Joe Gratton - Project Supervisor ext.172
Scott Lawlor - Roads Supervisor ext.181
Rami Maassarani - Project Coordinator ext.102
MJ Merritt - Utilities Compliance Supervisor ext.152
Ileana Ottenhof - Departmental Inquiries ext.116
Alex Scott - Engineering Technician III ext.115
Peter Vass - GIS Technician ext.124
Planning & Development Services and Building
Murray Beckel - Director of Planning & Development Services
                             and Chief Building Official (C.B.O.) ext.130
Andrea Furniss - Supervisor, Planning Services ext.144
Mark Parkinson - Supervisor, Building Services ext.174
Pam Barnard - Administrative Assistant ext.126
David Casemore - Planning Technician/GIS Coordinator ext.129
Trudy Gravel - Approvals Planner ext. 176
Ashley MacPherson - Development Services Analyst ext.128
Stephen Mailloux - Building Inspector/Property Standards ext.127
Randy Sangster - Building Inspector/Property Standards ext.125
Brandi Teeple - Heritage Assistant ext. 101
Recreation Services
Andrée Ferris - Director of Recreation Services ext.131
Fania Schamehorn - Administrative Assistant ext.175
W.J. Henderson Recreation Centre 613 389-3648
Teressa Cormier - Recreation Manager ext.203
Trevor Cornelius - Marketing & Customer Relations Coordinator ext.217
Anne Lindsay - Supervisor of Facility Operations ext.208
Erin Mailloux - Aquatics Coordinator ext.202
Ben Hagerman - Community Development Coordinator ext.216
Cathy Scharf - Recreation Clerk ext.200
Leisure & Activity Centre 613 634-5355
Susan McNeill - Recreation Program Coordinator ext.303
Emily Gill - Fitness & Wellness Coordinator ext.301
Jenna Ramey - Child & Youth Coordinator ext.302
Emergency Services 613 386-3762 (Odessa Station)
Fred Stephenson -  Fire Chief ext.100
James Feeney - Deputy Fire Chief ext.102
Andrew Field - Public Education Training Officer ext.101
Ken Underhill - Emergency Vehicle Technician ext.106