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Please note that all emails end with "@loyalist.ca".

Looking to contact a member of Loyalist Township Council?

Not sure who to contact? Email your question or concern to info@loyalist.ca and it will be forwarded to the right member of our staff.

Odessa Municipal Office (613) 386-7351 - Reception ext. 100

Name Position Ext. Email
Steven Silver Chief Administrative Officer 111 ssilver
Trevor Cornelius Corporate Communications and New Initiatives Coordinator 113 tcornelius
Kerry Rousselle Executive Assistant 107 krousselle
Susan Redhead Human Resources Manager (on leave) Call 107 Email jobs
Administrative Services
Name Position Ext. Email
Debbie Chapman Township Clerk 121 dachapman
Cindy Handley Records Management Clerk 171 chandley
Shevaun Hoyle By-law Enforcement Officer 123 shoyle
Meg Perry By-law Enforcement Officer 123 mperry
Faye Snider Records Management Clerk 171 fsnider
Brandi Teeple Assistant to the Clerk / Cemeteries Administration 120 bteeple
Name Position Ext. Email
Stephen Dickey Director of Finance 109 sdickey
Phil Reniers Deputy Treasurer 104 preniers
Jane Austin Accounting Clerk - Reception 100 jaustin
Ryan Evans Accounting Clerk - Accounts Payable 106 revans
Jen Farber Accounting Clerk - General Ledger 122 jfarber
Courtney Hegarty IT Support Technician 132 chegarty
Andrew Hooper Information Services Project Coordinator 135 ahooper
Melia Kelly Property Tax Clerk 119 mkelly
Danielle Leonard Payroll & Benefits Coordinator 114 dleonard
Brianne MacNevin Financial Analyst 154 bmacnevin
Karen Newport Accounting Clerk - Utilities 105 knewport
Donna O'Neill Corporate Procurement Specialist 133 doneill
Infrastructure Services
Name Position Ext. Email
Dave Thompson Director of Infrastructure Services 118 dthompson
Jenna Campbell (on leave)    
Lorie McFarland Utilities Manager 108 lmcfarland
MJ Merritt Acting Engineering Manager 151 mmerritt
Alex Scott Public Works Manager 117 ascott
Adam Alexander Engineering Technician II 178 aalexander
Katie Amey Administrative Assistant 103 kamey
Richard Cox Engineering Project Assistant 179 rcox
Bill Craig Fleet & Infrastructure Supervisor 182 bcraig
Sarah Doherty Asset Management Manager 146 sdoherty
Jesse Gawley Technical Supervisor 180 jgawley
Cory Grant Engineering Supervisor 177 cgrant
Joe Gratton Project Supervisor 172 jgratton
Kyle Labbett Roads Supervisor 187 klabbett
Rami Maassarani Project Coordinator 102 rmaassarani
Meghan Milligan (on leave) Call 103  
Chris O'Sullivan Engineering Technician I 176 cosullivan
Ileana Ottenhof Departmental Inquiries 116 iottenhof
Birgit Piberhofer Utilities Compliance Supervisor 152 bpiberhofer
Planning & Development Services and Building
Name Position Ext. Email
Murray Beckel Director of Planning & Development Services, and Chief Building Official 130 mbeckel
Development Services Manager 144 bwynnyckyj
Mark Parkinson Supervisor, Building Services 174 mparkinson
Pam Barnard Administrative Assistant 126 pbarnard
Vacant  Building Inspector/Property Standards Call 128  
David Casemore Approvals Planner 129 dcasemore
Nicole Goodbrand Heritage Assistant 101 ngoodbrand
Ashley MacPherson Development Services Analyst 128 amacpherson
Stephen Mailloux Building Inspector/Property Standards 127 smailloux
Erin Oogarah GIS Technician 153 eoogarah
Randy Sangster Building Inspector/Property Standards 125 rsangster
Peter Vass Planning Technician/GIS Coordinator 124 pvass
Recreation Services
Name Position Ext. Email
Teressa Cormier Acting Director of Recreation Services 208 tcormier
Fania Schamehorn Administration/Project Assistant 175 fschamehorn
W.J. Henderson Recreation Centre 613 389-3648
Name Position Ext. Email
Teressa Cormier Recreation Manager 203 tcormier
Jeremy Hele Administrative & Customer Service Coordinator 217 jhele
Hilary Fennell Community Development Coordinator 216 hfennell
Vacant  Superintendent, Facility Operations 208  
Dave Swinton Supervisor, Facility Operations 204 dswinton
Andras Switzer Acquatics Coordinator 202 aswitzer
Sally Daigle Recreation Clerk 201 sdaigle
Leisure & Activity Centre 613 634-5355
Name Position Ext. Email
Susan McNeill Recreation Program Coordinator 303 smcneill
Mike Parry Recreation Programmer 301 mparry
Emergency Services 613 386-3762 (Odessa Station)
Name Position Ext. Email
Fred Stephenson Fire Chief 100 fstephenson
James Feeney Deputy Fire Chief 102 jfeeney
Andrew Field Public Education Training Officer 101 afield
Jennifer Shea Fire Inspector 109 jshea
Ken Underhill Emergency Vehicle Mechanic 106 kunderhill