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Approved Operations Plan & Pre-construction Study

The Road Use Agreement between Loyalist Township and Algonquin Power prescribes that Algonquin prepare an Operations Plan and the Pre-construction Study, for approval by Loyalist Township Council. These documents together describe how Loyalist Township roads and road allowances may be used and will be protected throughout the Windlectric Project.

The Operations Plan was approved by Loyalist Township Council on August 8, 2017. Its final, approved iteration is linked below in its entirety.

Schedule 1 - Component Delivery Vehicle Dimensions
Schedule 2 - Traffic Management Plan
Schedule 3 - Heavy Load Traffic by Road
Schedule 4 - Site Orientation
Schedule 5 - Renewable Energy Approval Condition M
Schedule 6 - Renewable Energy Approval Condition H
Schedule 7 - Erosion and Sediment Control Details
Schedule 8 - Public Safety Plan
Schedule 9 - Emergency Response Plan
Schedule 10 - Widest Load
Schedule 11 - not used
Schedule 12 - Amherst Island Community Events
Schedule 13 - Tree Removal in Municipal Road Allowances
Schedule 14 - Road Closures and Recommended Detour Routes
Schedule 15 - Sample Complaint Response Form
Schedule 16 - Main Erection Crane
Schedule 17 - Cultural Heritage Monitoring Program
Schedule 18 - Form of Daily Public Road Inspection Report
Schedule 19 - Delivery Routes for Turbines
Schedule 20 - Stormwater Management Plan Report
Schedule 21 - Survey Protocol

The Pre-construction Study was approved at arbitration on October 4, 2017. The consolidated study is linked in its entirety below:

A01 - Municipal Roadways Utilized
A02 - Municipal Signage Impacted
A03 - Windlectric Baseline Video Survey Commitment
B01 - Municipal Road Geotechnical Report
B02 - Culvert Conditions
B03 - Additional Geotechnical Information, Windlectric Inc. Response Table
C - Appointment of Environmental Monitor
D - MR-Series Drawings:

D - C-Series Drawings
D01 - Windlectric Property Encroachment Corporate Confirmation
D02 - Windlectric Road Strengthening Warranty Confirmation
E - Collection System Work
F01 - Schedule for Pre-construction and Collector System Work incl. Surveying
F02 - Summary Project Schedule
G01 - RUA Project Engineer Cover Letter
G02 - Pre-construction, Construction, Post-Construction Work
G03 - Collection System Cost Breakdown by Roads
H - Post-construction Remedial Specifications
J - Consolidated Response Table