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By-laws listed herein are for information purposes only, and are not certified true copies. Official by-laws are available from the Loyalist Township Clerk. Should there be a discrepancy between information listed on the website and official by-laws, the official versions will prevail.

A full listing of Loyalist Township by-laws beginning in 1998 is available on the Township's Council portal. For questions or to obtain copies, please contact the Clerk's Department at 613-386-7351, ext. 121.

The following are some of the most frequently-requested Township by-laws.

Dog Control and Licensing By-law 2011-069, as amended by 2012-027; Set Fines related to dog control and licensing
Burning/Open Air Burning By-law 2015-050
Miscellaneous Fees and Charges By-law 2017-005
Noise Control By-law 2011-6, as amended by 2012-046
Fireworks By-law 2015-046
Parking By-law 2007-031, as amended by 2015-028
Safe Properties By-law 2015-042
Water Works including restrictions By-law 2011-099
Line Fences (rural areas) By-law 2011-112
Transient Traders By-law 2017-08
Snow Machines and ATVs By-laws 2012-096 and 2015-089
Parks By-law 2006-091
Reduced Loads By-law 2003-012

For building by-laws, including building property standards, and for development and works charges, please visit the Building By-laws page.