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Budget Information

The Township’s annual budget process consists of the review of the Ten Year Capital Plan and of the Annual Operating Budget. The review by members of Council takes place over several meetings scheduled in early winter.

A portion of the municipal budget is supported by the General Tax Rate and the remainder is funded by a combination of user fees and other revenue sources for water and sewer services, transit service and ferry service.

Association of Municipalities Ontario 2017 Pre-Budget Submission: What's Next Ontario?

Budget 2017

Public Meeting - February 13, 2017 - Intention to Adopt the 2017 Municipal Budget
A Public Meeting will be held on February 13, 2017 with the intention to adopt the 2017 Municipal Budget.
In accordance with the Township Notice By-law 2007-117, a public meeting will be held to consider the adoption of the 2017 Municipal Budget.
Council shall hear, in person or by his/her Counsel, a solicitor or agent, any person who claims to be affected by the passing of the 2017 Budget.
The Public Meeting will be held on February 13, 2017 at 7:00PM at the Municipal Office, 263 Main Street, Odessa, ON

At the March 14, 2016 Council Meeting, Loyalist Township Council approved the 2016 Operating and Capital budgets.

2016 Budget Presentation

Budget Press Release

2016 Budget Report

2016 Budget Information Sheet