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Township Fees for New Building


Building permit fees are assessed, in part, to fund review of the proposed building and inspection of building structure.

Building Permit Fees 


Development charges are charged on new buildings, and are used to fund new capacity for emergency services, parks & recreation, public works, libraries (residential buildings only), and other services. Development charges are regulated under By-law 2015-068.

2017 Schedule of Development Charges

Works charges, commonly known as impost fees, are charged on new connections to fund new capacity for Water and Sewage treatment and pumping stations. These fees and charges are regulated under By-law 2016-020.


Bath and Fairfield Water Works Charges and Loyalist East and Bath Sewage Works Charges
For Factory Street, Odessa, the following schedule should be used in lieu of the above: Factory Street

Additional Works charges apply to these specific locations:

Timmerman Street
Odessa Trunk, Harewood, Brooklands.  Odessa Trunk area defined