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Frank Cowan Company donates $5,000 to support seniors programs in Loyalist Township

Seniors in Loyalist Township will see new fitness equipment in recreational facilities in addition to land and aquafit programming as a result of a $5,000 donation from the Frank Cowan Company Home Town Program. The donation will be used to purchase seniors-focused fitness equipment and provide training for staff specifically designed to address the needs of older adults.

In photo from left to right: Andras Switzer, Aquatics Coordinator; Debra Murphy, Regional Manager, Frank Cowan Company; Mike Airhart, Manager/Partner, McDougall Insurance; Mayor Ric Bresee, Loyalist Township; Mike Parry, Recreation Programmer

Larry Ryan, President, Frank Cowan Company “Having a healthy and active community is important. We are pleased to be able to provide resources to Loyalist Township to ensure the growing senior population has access to equipment and programming that specifically addresses their needs.”

Mayor Ric Bresee, Loyalist Township “I would like to express our gratitude to the Frank Cowan Company for this contribution. Loyalist Township is thrilled to receive funding from the Frank Cowan Home Town Program. With this support, our Recreation Services Department will be able to purchase diverse equipment and provide valuable training to staff to accommodate our ever-growing active senior population. We are excited to have the opportunity to further address the varied needs of those in our community and look forward to providing ongoing exceptional service through Loyalist Strong Seniors!”

Mary D’Alton, Executive Director, The Cowan Foundation “The Frank Cowan Company Home Town Program has allowed for both numerous and varied grassroots projects and community improvements to be implemented across the county,” says Mary D’Alton, Executive Director, The Cowan Foundation. “We are proud to continue our support of this municipal-focused program for the third consecutive year, which positively impacts the lives of Canadians and the well-being of our communities.”

For additional information about Frank Cowan Company, or the Home Town Program, visit www.frankcowan.com​