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Odessa Municipal Office - Public Water Supply

Due to lower than normal rainfall this summer, Township residents who rely on private wells for their household water may be experiencing water shortages. Loyalist Township has installed an outdoor, use-at-your-own-risk water supply point at the northeast corner of the Odessa Municipal Office. Residents may fill containers with water, at no charge, for their personal use, up to one cubic meter (1,000L) per visit.

Please note that, while the water being supplied is safe, municipally-treated water, once it goes beyond the outside tap there is a possibility for bacterial contamination of the water, as it is now passing through and being transported in materials that are not normally part of the drinking water system.  Therefore, anyone taking water should follow the KFLA Public Health guidelines that would apply in a boil water advisory. 

If large volumes of water are required, we recommend that residents contact a commercial water hauler.