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Public Consultation - Draft Water and Sewer Rates

Public Consultation - Water & Sewer Rates

Loyalist Township has begun a review of our water and wastewater user rates and charges. The Township entered into an agreement with Hemson Consulting Ltd. to complete a water financial plan in order to meet its drinking water license requirement under Ontario regulation 453/07. Hemson presented the draft results of the water and sewer rates study to Council on July 29, 2019.

Report SR-1083 provides an overview of the draft results of the water and sewer rates study.

A well-developed rate structure will support water and wastewater services, be fair to all customer groups, and clarify to users how these essential services are funded.

There are three major components to the study:

  1. Reviewing connection (impost) charges, including both a growth and existing capacity component (growth and club fee)
  2. Reviewing user rates and impacts of various scenarios to update the fixed to consumption ratio or to implement a new structure
  3. Establishing drinking water and wastewater financial plans

Following the presentation of the draft results to Council, staff have been directed to coordinate public consultation opportunities for the development community and the ratepayer community.  The outcome of the meetings will then be reported back to Council for direction before preparing the by-laws to establish the connection charges and user rates.

See the consultation schedule below:

Project Timeline
Aug. 26
Council Chambers - 2:00 pm
Presentation to development community by Hemson Consulting Ltd. to obtain comments on the calculated connection (impost) fees for Loyalist Township. 

Notice of Public Open House - Impost Fee Study
Sep. 23
Council Chambers -
5:00-6:30 pm
Loyalist Township will be holding a public Open House at the Municipal Office in Odessa on Monday, September 23, 2019, from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Council needs your input before making a decision on future water and sewer user rates in the Township.

The Open House will provide an overview of the study process and details on the draft results being considered by Council. This meeting will include a presentation by our consultants at 5:00pm.

Notice of Public Open House for Loyalist Township Water & Sewer Customers
Oct. 15
Council Chambers - 7:00 pm
Update to Council on results of consultations. Council to provide direction on final connection fees and user rates.
Nov. 12
Council Chambers - 7:00 pm
Presentation of final by-laws

For more information about the draft study or the public consultation opportunities please call 613-386-7351, ext. 154, or email bmacnevin@loyalist.ca.