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Sanitary Sewer Flushing in Odessa West

The Township's contractor, Quinte Sewer, will start begin sanitary sewer flushing on Monday, September 16, in the west end of Odessa.

Sanitary flushing helps clean and remove residual debris from sanitary mains, by directing high-powered jets of water through the interior of the pipes. During flushing, you are advised to keep toilet lids closed, expecially those located in a basement or on the first floor. Splashing can occur, due to the water and air being forced through the mains by means of high pressure water spraying equipment.

There should not be any smell involved with the process. However, the force of the flushing can clear standing water from drain traps. Should you notice a sewer odour after the flushing has been completed, please run water in all drains, including any floor drains. This should eliminate the smell completely.

If you have questions regarding the sanitary flushing program, please call the Engineering Clerk, 613-386-7351, ext. 116.