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Amherst Island Ferry

The Amherst Island Ferry Service operates between Millhaven Wharf and Stella Wharf and is operated by Loyalist Township on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation. Service is provided on a daily basis, year round.

The Ministry of Transportation is constructing new ferry docks at Stella (Amherst Island) and Millhaven. The newly constructed docks will permit end loading of the Frontenac II ferry and other MTO-operated ferries.

The project began in October 2017 with Stage 1, the construction of the temporary docks. As of January 2018, Stage 1 is nearly complete. The contractor estimates that ferry operations will move to the temporary docks in late February (weather dependent). Concurrent with this move, the Frontenac II will permanently convert to end-loading operations, meaning vehicles will load on and off facing forward. The use of the temporary docks will also bring changes to the marshalling and parking areas on the docks. The attached flyer from the project contractor provides more information as well as diagrams to help with planning. The contractor will provide the exact date for the above-mentioned transition well in advance.

For the duration of this project, the most current information will be posted on the project's website, www.amherstislandferrydocks.ca. This website is maintained by MTO's general contractor, Rankin Construction. Construction activities will also be updated on the project's Twitter account.


Ferry Schedule

Ferry leaves Stella on the hour, 6:00 a.m. to 1 a.m.
Ferry leaves Millhaven on the half hour, 6:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.
Crossing time 20 minutes.
The ferry will not be held for late arrivals.


Millhaven Dock (Mainland) - 5604 Highway 33
(GPS Coordinate: Decimal Degrees -76.741, 44.193)

The Amherst Islander 1941Fares (payable by cash or cheque only):

Size guidelines for larger vehicles:
The Frontenac II can load a vehicle of 35 feet, with an overhead clearance of 13 feet. Should you have wish to load a vehicle exceeding these dimensions, please contact the Ferry Office to discuss your particular instance; or bring the vehicle to the ferry dock for a test fit.

Note: An administration charge of $20.00 will be added to the fare for any motorist with insufficient funds to pay fare. The administration charge is required to cover costs incurred to prepare an invoice.

Regular ferry maintenance is usually scheduled in advance and often advertised in local newspapers, the Township website, ferry dock signboards, and household mailing to Island residents.

Prolonged unexpected breakdowns are announced on local radio stations and a message will be on the ferry office phone (613-389-3393). The Amherst Island radio station, CJAI 92.1 FM, or email air@cjai.ca can be contacted if there are any announcements to be made concerning the ferry service. Service updates will also be posted on Twitter, @island_ferry and on Facebook

Cell phone use while loading and unloading the Ferry is prohibited. Please pay attention and follow instructions from the ferry staff.