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Water Exercise (Aqua-fit)

The Swimming Pool at the W.J. Henderson Recreation Centre will be closed from Dec. 23-Dec. 27.  The Pool will reopen on December 28.

Please see the holiday office and program schedules below.
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Our aqua-fit classes are for ANYONE!!! If you are interested in increasing your fitness level, water fitness can benefit you. Each class offers a combination of stretching, strength and resistance training, as well as a variety of balance, range of motion and cardio-vascular exercises. Exercising in the pool is fun and takes pressure off joints and limbs. Plan to try a class and you will see how easy it is to improve your fitness level by joining our program. 

If you have never tried water-fit, you are invited to try a complimentary class by calling the Aquatics Coordinator at 613-389-3648 ext. 202.

More information below:

Class Types
Aqua Fit Prices
Class Cancellations

Class Schedule
7:05-7:55pm (Aqua Bootcamp)

9:05-9:55am (Aqua Combo)
2:05-2:55pm (Aqua Combo)

9:30-10:20am (Aqua Combo)
8:05-8:55pm (Aqua Bootcamp)

9:05-9:55am (Aqua Combo)

1:05-1:55pm (Aqua Combo)
8:05-8:55pm (Aqua Bootcamp)

9:05-9:55am (Aqua Combo)

Types of Classes
Aqua Combo- This is an invigorating workout what utilizes both the deep and shallow ends of the pool. Modifications can be made for beginners or those looking for a lighter workout. Please speak to the instructor before the class begins.
Aqua Bootcamp- This is a more challenging workout that focuses training with speed, power, and intensity.
Water Jog- This workout is perfect those seeking a full-body, non-impact, workout or for runners looking to cross train. The class is held in the deep-end using buoyancy belts. Water Jog will include 45 minutes of lifeguard directed activity and 15 minutes of self-directed activity. 


Aquafit Prices
Participants can either choose to purchase a FIT Pass or Aquafit tickets to participate in classes. A FIT Pass provides participants with unlimited access to all Aquafit classes and are sold on a sessional basis. For more information on the FIT pass click here.

Participants can still choose to purchase tickets to attend Aquafit classes. Please see ticket pricing below.
10 tickets = $   61.59
Pay as you go = $7.50 per class 
Prices include tax.
Tickets are on sale at the Main Office & the Customer Service Counter of the W. J. Henderson Recreation Centre during office hours. You may also call (613) 389-3648 to purchase tickets using your VISA or Master Card. Tickets purchased over the phone and online will be mailed to you.
Class Cancellations
To accommodate special events, holiday’s or courses, Loyalist Township Recreation
Department reserves the right to cancel scheduled classes.

The following classes will be cancelled due to holidays and special events. 

• Thanksgiving, Sunday October 9th & Monday October 10th all classes cancelled 
• Christmas Eve, December 24th all classes cancelled 
• Christmas Day, December 25th all classes cancelled 
• Boxing Day, Tuesday December 26th all classes cancelled 
• New Years Eve, Sunday December 31st all classes cancelled 
• New Years Day, Monday January 1st all classes cancelled 
• Family Day, Monday February 19th all classes cancelled 
• Easter Weekend, all classes cancelled Friday March 30th - Monday April 2nd