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Adult Recreation Programs 55yrs+

No matter where your passion lies, there’s a programs for you!  From Zumba Gold to Strong Seniors you can jump right in and discover what these exciting programs have to offer.

(Before coming to drop in on a fitness class, please call 613-634-5355 to confirm it is still running.)
*Please note: drop ins are not available for Registered Classes. 


1.) Online here 
We are having a difficulty to load your requested events, please come back at a later time.

2.) By phone: 613-389-3648 or 613-634-5355

3.) In Person:
W.J. Henderson Rec. Centre - 322 Amherst Drive
Leisure & Activity Centre - 177 Upper Park Drive


Want to participate in fitness classes but can't commit to a particular day or time? Then a FITPass is for you! A FITPass offers you the flexibility to attend a variety of classes as many times as you want within the defined time frame of the session. The FITPass is a convenient, flexibile and affordable option for those who want to develop or maintain a regular fitness routine. (Includes land fitness classes and AquaFit classes. For more information on purchasing your FITPass, click here.

Aqua Combo
Location: W.J. Henderson Pool
This is an invigorating workout what utilizes both the deep and shallow ends of the pool. Modifications can be made for beginners or those looking for a lighter workout. Please speak to the instructor before the class begins.
Aqua Bootcamp
Location: W.J. Henderson Pool
This is a more challenging workout that focuses training with speed, power, and intensity.
Water Jog
Location: W.J. Henderson Pool
This workout is perfect those seeking a full-body, non-impact, workout or for runners looking to cross train. The class is held in the deep-end using buoyancy belts. Water Jog will include 45 minutes of lifeguard directed activity and 15 minutes of self-directed activity. 

Drums Alive Senior Edition

Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Golden Beats stimulates people whether they are young or old, healthy
or ill. When we drum and dance we are having FUN! This in return releases
endorphins and releases negative feelings. The rhythmical patterns of
the drum increases synchronization of brain wave activity which in turn
provides feelings of euphoria and improved mental awareness.

Golden Cycle

Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Don`t let cycling intimidate you! It is great for all ages and will leave you
feeling empowered. The Instructor will guide and motivate you through
a low impact, slower paced cardio endurance class.

Balls and Bands

Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Beginner/Intermediate: Listen to great music, and learn a variety of exercises to challenge and strengthen your entire body using medicine balls, stability balls and resistance bands. This class also focuses on balance and core strength.

Seated Stretch & Strength

Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Are you looking to increase the intensity of your workout? This low
impact strength class will challenge your muscles and balance. You will
have fun using a variety of equipment while working up a sweat!

Seniors Fitness

Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
This class is a great way to increase yout strength, balance and cardio. We use a variety of equipment to tackle strengthening and toning our body as well as increase out cardiac ability. Want a class that will work up a sweat? Then this class is the right one for you. Strengthen, tone, and kick it up a notch! This bootcamp is the next level in fitness. Work hard, sweat hard and stay strong!

Strong Seniors 

Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
You’re only as strong as you feel! This program is designed for seniors
of all abilities and fitness levels. Our instructor will focus on exercises
appropriate for maintaining bone mass, improving muscular strength
and endurance, and will wrap up with full body stretches.

Walking Club

Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Walking provides our body with a great low impact form of cardio. This
outdoor class will take place throughout a variety of routes in
Amherstview. Walking Club combines the benefits of walking and a
social atmosphere, to make a fun and effective workout!

Zumba® Gold!

Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
This zumba class offers modifications and slower pacing to suit the needs of the active older participant, as well as those just starting their journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Zumba ® Gold Toning

Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
A great way to focus on muscle conditioning and cardio. Walk in ready to have a blast and tone up; leave exhilarated and empowered!