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Adult Recreation Programs 17+

There’s a program that will suit the needs of both men and women!
Loyalist adult programs offer a range of fitness and interest classes that are sure to keep your interest peaked!

(Before coming to drop in on a fitness class, please call 613-634-5355 to confirm it is still running.)
*Drop ins are not available for Registered Classes. 


To register online please visit our Online Registration page.


Want to participate in fitness classes but can't commit to a particular day or time? Then a FITPass is for you! A FITPass offers you the flexibility to attend a variety of classes as many times as you want within the defined time frame of the session. The FITPass is a convenient, flexibile and affordable option for those who want to develop or maintain a regular fitness routine. (Includes land fitness classes and AquaFit classes.
For more information on purchasing your FITPass, click here.

Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Arms, Butt, Core! If you want to hit all these areas then this class is perfect for you! Each week there will be a new program designed to hit these 3 areas of your body, while having fun and rocking out to upbeat music!

Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Beginner/Intermediate: The 80's craze is back! Grapevines, steps, cardio and great music; we've got it all in this class. Flash back to the days of sweat bands and body suits. You're sure to have a great time burning calories and moving to the beat.

Aqua Combo
Location: W.J. Henderson Pool
This is an invigorating workout what utilizes both the deep and shallow ends of the pool. Modifications can be made for beginners or those looking for a lighter workout. Please speak to the instructor before the class begins.
Aqua Bootcamp
Location: W.J. Henderson Pool
This is a more challenging workout that focuses training with speed, power, and intensity.
Water Jog
Location: W.J. Henderson Pool
This workout is perfect those seeking a full-body, non-impact, workout or for runners looking to cross train. The class is held in the deep-end using buoyancy belts. Water Jog will include 45 minutes of lifeguard directed activity and 15 minutes of self-directed activity. 

Body Sculpt
Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Beginner/Intermediate: A combination of traditional body-sculpting methods using free weights, bars, bands and your own body! Designed to provide you with a total body workout.

Cardio & Abs
Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Beginner/Intermediate: Sweat hard, work hard and have fun! A great way to burn calories, improve your cardiovascular system and work your abs!
Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Beginner/Intermediate: This exciting cardio class is held on indoor
stationary bikes. Instructors will guide and motivate you through a
series of sprints, hills and other great drills. Challenge yourself in a fun
*Participants must reserve a bike one day in advance by phone at 613-634-5355.

Drums Alive
Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Feel and experience the pulsating rhythms, dynamic movements, and powerful percussions of this new and unique high-energy dance rhythmical workout. Power Beats combines movement with the power of drumming. It’s a program for everyone! Any one, of any age, and of any ability can do Drums Alive® Power Beats. It’s a workout for the entire body as well as a powerful tool for stress reduction and mental
balance. Come and experience the joy of music, movement, and rhythm and feel like a rock star! Break the rules, open the door and enter a new dimension of fitness!

Express Body Sculpt
Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Beginner/Intermediate: Make the most of your time and sculpt your body
in just 30 minutes with a combo of free weights, bars, bands and your own

Fitness Circuit
Location: Ernestown Secondary School
Beginner/Intermediate: This circuit training class combines strength and
cardio training for your whole body. Work at your own pace or challenge
your body to a new level. Please bring indoor shoes to each class. Entrance is at the rear of the school.

Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
 High Intensity Interval Training breaks exercises down into short explosive
intervals. This class will leave you sweating and feeling like you’ve
accomplished so much in under and hour! This class is a triple threat
combining strength, cardio, and core!

Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Beginner/Intermediate: Pumping music, sweat, and fun! Grab a body
bar and get ready for an hour of fun and fitness. High reps and full body
exercises will tone your body and leave you feeling great!

Running Group
Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Do you love running but your looking for a running buddy? Then this
is class to join. Each week runners will meet and go through some
warmup drills and head out into the streets of Amherstview for a fun
running experience.

Zumba ®
Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Beginner/Intermediate: Why not get fit while you learn some fun dance
moves? Zumba blurs the lines between fitness and fun with its original
music specifically designed to get you moving.

Strong by Zumba ®
Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
STRONG by Zumba® combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. Every squat, every lunge, every burpee is driven by the music, helping you make it to that last rep, and maybe even five more.

Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Students will gain an understanding of postures, breath work and
energy flow. Classes focus on moving safely between each position
while improving your ability to flex, bend, balance and gain strength.


Location: TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS, Bath Public School
                 THURSDAYS, Amherstview Public School
Open to adults wishing to participate in a non-competitive, fun
environment. Bring a racquet and clean gym shoes. Protective eyewear
is recommended. Please note dates and times may change due to school

Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Shōrin-ryū is a straightforward pure style of Karate that can be literally
translated as Pine Tree Forest. Modern Martial arts like Kick Boxing
and MMA can be traced back to this very traditional art. Karate teaches
self discipline, mental acuity, and personal growth. Classes are taught
by Sensei Ashley William Johnson, a 6th degree black belt and certified
teacher with the Ontario college of teachers. Classes are fun and
informative and taught with a mix of traditional martial arts techniques
and modern pedagogical theories. Sensei Ashley emphasizes
self-development and individual progress through rigorous training
in Kata, Kumite & Kobudo. This class is designed to accommodate all
levels. No experience necessary.

Six weeks to a Healthier You: Nutrition and Fitness Program!
Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Infused Nutrition is partnering with Loyalist Township Recreation Services
Department for the Healthy You and Fitness Program designed to
help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Have that new camera that you don’t know much about? Love taking
photos but need that extra push to take amazing pictures? Learn the
basic fundamentals of photography and how to operate your camera in
this 7 week workshop. Learn about the relationships between shutter
speed, aperture, ISO, metering and more! Bring your camera and expect a
practical shooting assignment each week.

This team sport is fun for anyone! This unique blend of tennis, badminton
and table tennis or ping pong is sure to get you moving whether you are
a beginner or not. Please note dates and times may change due to school
availability. http://www.bathpickleball.ca/​

Volleyball (Co-ed)
Location: Bath Public School
A great opportunity to meet new people and get fit! Enjoy an evening
of volleyball at Bath Public School. Practice your spiking, serving and
volleying techniques!

Volleyball (Ladies)
Location: Odessa Public School
For women who prefer to play volleyball on women only teams, you will
have fun in these non-competitive pick up volleyball games. Enjoy an
evening out while getting fit and having fun.