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Day Camps 4-12yrs

The Recreation Services Department offers a variety of one day and week long camps. Our Camps include: PA Day Camps, Winter Break, March Break and Summer Day Camps. 


1.) Online here or find the camp you wish to register for and click the camp title

2.) By phone: 613-389-3648 or 613-634-5355

3.) In Person: W.J. Henderson Rec. Centre - 322 Amherst Drive
                         Leisure & Activity Centre - 177 Upper Park Drive

Please download and complete a Medical and Consent Form and bring it with you on your child's first day of camp.

Camp Information & Guidelines
Camp Staff
Loyalist Township Day Camp is planned and supervised full time by camp staff with the assistance of volunteers. Our leaders consist of an exceptional collection of child educators and or recreation/phys-ed based university/college students that are selected for their maturity, experience and skills. All staff hold a current First Aid and CPR certificate, High Five Certification and a current criminal record check. Our
volunteers are high school students that have been selected based on past ex/experience and commitment to working with children. Our leaders and volunteers offer a fun atmosphere that ensures all campers have a safe and enjoyable experience.
Family Discounts
Please note that when registering your children for the same week of camp, the 3rd child and subsequent children are $20 off on 5-day weeks and $16 off on 4-day weeks. The Canadian Tire JUMPSTART program can be applied for financial assistance.
Visit http://jumpstart.canadiantire.ca/en.html to apply for funding.
Allergy Aware
We are an allergy aware facility and when we are notified that a child in camp has an allergy we do everything possible to prevent an incident. During these weeks, we encourage parents to pack allergen free snacks and lunches for the safety of all campers and/or share spaces as safely as possible to try and eliminate cross contamination.
Medical/Consent Form
The Medical Information, Waiver, and Camp Participant Consent Form MUST be completed and received by our Day Camp Staff prior to campers being left in our care. We ask that parents/caregivers complete and submit these forms prior to the first day of camp or on the morning of the first day. Download a form here.
Positive Space
To ensure that all campers have the opportunity to play and grow in a Positive Space, we will be implementing a zero-tolerance-based system for negative camper conduct. Campers will be informed of our Positive Space policy and it will be applied equitably to all situations. It is our intent that this will allow our campers to feel comfortable and secure during their time at Camp, while reinforcing respect for themselves and others. Although we strive to meet the unique needs of all our campers, we realize that Day Camp may not be the most suitable environment for all children. Unfortunately, if it is proven that your child is not able to respect and contribute to our Positive Space; your child may be asked to try an alternate activity.
Toileting Policy
All campers must be fully toilet trained and have independent toileting skills to be enrolled in Loyalist Township Camps. Toilet trained is defined as: no longer wearing disposable diapers, disposable underwear or water safe diapers, can tell a leader when they need to go to the bathroom and can attend to their own hygiene. If incidents occur staff will contact the parent or guardian to attend to the camper.
Parent Handbook
Please review the revised Parent Handbook.  The handbook is filled with useful information to ensure that your child has the best possible camp experience!
Alternative Pickup
Alternate Pickup Release Form

 Summer Day Camps (4-12 yrs)  

Join Loyalist Township for our exciting day camp adventures at the Amherstview Community Hall and Leisure & Activity Centre! Every week we go on a fun filled trip, host a special event or invite extraordinary guests to make the camp experience a special one. Contact us for information on specific weeks!

Day Camp Hours: 9:00am-4:00pm
Fees: $147.00 per week per child (*$117.60 for 4-day week)
Before & After Care: 7:30-9:00am; 4:00-5:30pm - $30 per week per child or $15
for just before or after.

Aloha Summer- Week 1 – July 3-6 *4-day week
Get ready to let loose and start the summer off Aloha style! Campers
will have lots of fun in the sun playing outdoors games, swimming, and creating tropical inspired crafts. This week will set the mood for fun the whole summer!

Prehistoric Adventures! - Week 2 – July 9-13
A week filled with discovering and learning about Dinosaurs! Campers
will take part in games, activities, and “Dino” inspired crafts! Curiosity
and creativity may turn your camper into a young Paleontologist!

Summer Safari - Week 3 – July 16-20
ROAR! Unleash your WILD side for a week full of fun and games as we
learn about animals. This week campers will be introduced to many
wonderful creatures through games, activities, and WILD inspired crafts!

Wild Water Adventures - Week 4 – July 23-27
Dare you to try and make it out dry! This wet and wild week is sure to
be a blast! Campers will participate in water themed activities, crafts, and games.

Under the Stars - Week 5 – July 30-Aug 3
Location: Amherstview Community Hall or Second location: Amherst Island
Stars, trees, and getting dirty! This week is inspired by camping under the stars. Our camp leaders will plan games, activities, and crafts related to the great outdoors!

Sports Extravaganza - Week 6 (Aug 7-10) 4-day week
The 2018 Loyalist Camp Olympics are this summer! Join us for a
week filled with team activities. This week will be packed with sports,
games, and activities. Campers will participate in the Loyalist Camp
Olympics, creating team cheers, mascots, and memories that are sure to last!

Holiday Smorgasbord - Week 7 – Aug 13-17
Happy Holidays! Join us for this wacky week of holiday FUN! Campers
will enjoy celebrating a variety of holidays during this jam packed
festive week! Holiday celebrations may include Halloween, Valentines
Day, Christmas, and New Years celebrations from around the globe!

Lights, Camera, Action! - Week 8 – Aug 20-24
Superheroes, princesses, actresses and actors GALORE! This week
campers will be encouraged to let their creative spirits soar as they
participate in games, activities, and Hollywood inspired crafts.

Under the Big Top! - Week 9 – Aug 27-31
Ta-da! Campers will enjoy balancing their way through this weeklong
circus act featuring games, activities, crafts, and carnival inspired FUN!

Specialty Camps

Day Camp Hours: 9:00am-4:00pm
For fee information, please see below
Before & After Care 7:30-9:00am; 4:00-5:30pm - $30 per week per child for before & after or $15 for before or after

Join Loyalist Township for our exciting specialty camp adventures. Choose your campers special skill, interests and passions that will immerse your child in activities they will love! Campers will enjoy swimming weekly and a special guest or field trip.

Youth Leadership Camp - $139.00 (Ages 13-16) Week 1 – July 3-6 *4-day week
Loyalist’s Leadership Camp will give youth the opportunity to build & enhance self-esteem, confidence, leadership and initiative skills. Youth Leaders will participate in program planning for camp, interview practice, and resume writing. Once the 4-day camp is completed, Youth will then practice their newly learned skills at a real camp placement experience for 1 full week. Students will select their top 3 choices for their placements and will be notified before the 4th workshop day of the date(s) and locations(s) for these placements. Upon successful completion for the program, candidates will receive a Youth Leadership Certificate as well as a recognition of their camp placement experience for their 40 development Services hours.

Swim Camp - $346.00 for 2 weeks (Ages 8-12) Week 2 & 3 – July 9-13 & July 16-20
At swim camp, your child will be given the opportunity to improve his or her swimming skills. Children will be evaluated and placed in ability based groups for instruction, and participate in ten Red Cross swim lessons or the two weeks. When not in the pool, campers will have fun participating in games, activities, and crafts.

Cooking Academy - $173.00 (Ages 8-12) Week 4 – July 23-27
Come test your culinary skills! Experience everything the kitchen has to offer with this exciting week of camp. Learn about prep work, kitchen skills and safety. This is a cooking camp for children that have an interest in food and working in the kitchen. When not preparing recipes or tasting yummy treats, campers will participate
in games, activities and some culinary inspired crafts.

Olympic Camp - $173.00 (Ages 8-12) Week 5 - July 30-August 3
The 2018 Loyalist Camp Olympics are this summer! Join us for a week filled with team activities. This week will be packed with sports, games, and activities. Campers will participate in the Loyalist Camp Olympics, creating team cheers, mascots, and memories that are sure to last!

Junior Firefighter Camp - $139.00 (Ages 8-13)Week 6 – Aug 7-10* 4-day week
What to be a firefighter when you grow up! Loyalist Recreation Services in partnership with Loyalist Emergency Services is offering campers a week to experience the exciting life of a firefighter. You will have the opportunity to learn about fire safety, smoke alarms, and home escape planning. You will also have the chance to work with fire extinguishers, participate in hose line games and play in a fun foam party! A special firefighter t-shirt is included.

Art Mania! - $173.00 (Ages 8-12) Week 7 – Aug 13-17
Campers that love to create masterpieces will enjoy a week filled with different crafts and art projects! When campers aren’t busy working on their art they will participate in fun games and activities!

Hockey Camp - $325.00 (Ages 8-13) Week 8 – Aug 20-24
In partnership with the Amherstview Jets, players will fine tune their hockey skills and techniques in this specialty camp that gives 15 hours of hockey instruction on the ice. Players also jump into the pool for a refreshing dip everyday! Players will continue to be active with dryland fitness training to round out the day!

Dance Camp- $173.00 (Ages 5-7) Week 9 – Aug 27-31
Get ready to groove in this fun week of Dance Camp! Campers will enjoy trying different dance disciplines like, ballet, jazz, Zumba, and Dance Pl3y. When not moving to the beat or counting out the rhythm they will participate in games, activities, and dance inspired crafts. *No prior dance training is required, this is a recreational level dance camp.


P.A. Day Camps (4-12 yrs)  

Join Loyalist Township for our exciting day camp adventures! Enjoy some outdoor fun, as well as crafts and fun indoor games! Meet new friends and enjoy a variety of activities with our outgoing staff. Swimming and skating are included so don’t forget your bathing suit, towel, skates and helmet. Please pack a peanut free lunch, lots of snacks and water.

Note: Participants must be toilet trained to attend camp.

To learn more on our camp policies and procedures please see our Parent Guide.

Ages: 4-12 yrs

Location: W.J. Henderson Recreation Centre, Lower Meeting Room

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm
Cost: $35/day 

Register online:
PA Day - Friday, April 13

Before Care (7:30 - 9:00am) - $3/day/child
After Care (4:00 - 5:30pm) - $3/day/child


Holiday Camps (4-12 yrs)  

Enjoy some outdoor fun, as well as crafts and fun indoor games! Meet new friends and enjoy a variety of activities with our outgoing staff. Swimming and skating are included so don’t forget your bathing suit, towel, skates, helmet and warm outdoor gear. Please pack a peanut free lunch, lots of snack and water. Campers can prepare for an exciting adventure when the camp heads off on a fun field trip!

Before care runs 7:30am-9:00am at a cost of $12 for the week

After care runs 4:00pm-5:30pm at a cost of $12 for the week

Ages: 4-12 yrs

Location: Amherstview Community Hall