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Youth Recreation Programs 11yrs+

Our youth programs engage youth in what they love or allow them to try something new.  From fitness classes to cooking, youth have a chance to develop valuable skills to carry them through the teen years and beyond.


Babysitters Course
Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Ages 11+
This is an in-depth program, guided by the Canada Safety Council. Upon
successful completion of the course, a certificate and wallet card will be
issued. Please bring the following items with you to the course: Paper and
pen, doll or teddy bear, peanut free lunch, snacks and a water bottle.
Master Chef

Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
​Ages 10-12
Challenge yourself, show creativity and find your niche in the kitchen
during this instructed cooking class. Learn some cool new recipes,
healthy snacks and tricks to becoming the chef in your household.

Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
​Ages 12 - 17
Shōrin-ryū is a straightforward pure style of Karate that focuses on
a traditional style taught in a modern way. Sensei Ashley William
Johnson, a 6th degree black belt and certified teacher with the Ontario
college of teachers. Classes are fun and informative and taught with
a mix of traditional martial arts techniques and modern pedagogical
theories. Sensei Ashley emphasizes self-development and individual
progress through rigorous training in Kata, Kumite & Kobudo. This class
is designed to accommodate all levels. No experience necessary.
Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
​Ages 12 - 16
Build your self-confidence and celebrate girl power! This program will
offer female youth the opportunity to make friendships, foster a positive
sense of self, and build self-confidence. It will build new relationships,
offer new activities like teambuilding, as well as the opportunity
to make choices, develop new skills and become everything you are
meant to be! #S.E.L.F.I.E
Game Night
Location: Leisure & Activity Centre
Ages 12 - 16

This program will offer youth the opportunity to participate in seven
different sports! Each night the participants will engage in a different
sport discipline. In the final week, the participants will be given the
opportunity to decide which favourite sport from the program they
would like to play in a mini tournament round for the final class. This
is a recreational level sports program with emphasis on trying new
things, sportsmanship, and being active.
Standard First Aid & CPR-C
Location:W.J. Henderson Recreation Centre
Standard First Aid provides comprehensive training covering all
aspects of first aid and CPR. Standard First Aid incorporates all of Emergency
First Aid and is designed for those who require a more in-depth
understanding of first aid including: legal implications of first aid treatment,
spinal injuries, heat or cold injuries, bone and joint injuries, chest
injuries, and medical emergencies. Includes CPR-C certification.
Standard First Aid Recertification
Location:W.J. Henderson Recreation Centre
Ages 13+​​
Current Standard First Aid (SFA) award holders may recertify their
Lifesaving Society SFA certification just once on a Lifesaving Society
SFA Recertification Course not more than 3 years from the Standard
First Aid date of issue. To renew SFA certifications subsequently, award
holders must repeat the full SFA Course. Thereafter, individuals may
renew by alternating recertification’s and original courses. Holders of
Standard First Aid certificates from other agencies may not recertify
their certificate on a Lifesaving Society recertification course. They may
recertify only with the original certifying agency.
Location:Fairfield PS
Ages 10-13+​​
SMASHBALL provides a modified version of volleyball better suited to
children based on their abilities. This exciting and enticing program is
geared towards young kids by focusing on movement skills and the
sport’s most exciting skill – the spike.
Location:W.J. Henderson Recreation Centre
​​Earn your Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, and Standard First Aid in just
1 week! The Bronze Medallion Cross Combo Lifesaving Course teaches
an understanding of the lifesaving principles embodied in the four
components of water rescue education – judgement, knowledge, skill,
and fitness. Rescuers learn self-rescue techniques, defence and release
methods, and tows and carries in preparation for challenging rescues
involving conscious and unconscious victims of various types, including
spinal injuries and circulatory emergencies. Lifesavers develop
stroke efficiency and endurance in a timed swim. This camp requires
100% attendance.
Location:W.J. Henderson Recreation Centre
Ages: 15+
This one-day training will help front-line leaders (anyone working with
children aged 6 to 12 – i.e. camp counsellor, coaches, swim instructors)
improve the quality of programs. It provides in depth training in the
HIGH FIVE Principles of healthy child development so front-line leaders
understand what they need to do to ensure each child’s social, emotional,
and cognitive needs are met. Leaders learn activities and gain
knowledge, tips, and resources to enhance their programs as well as
their relationships with children and other staff members. Topics also
include bullying, conflict resolution, physical literacy, children’s mental
health and moderate to vigorous physical activity. A must for anyone
interested in working with children, this High Five course is also a
requirement for youth seeking employment with Loyalist Township’s
children’s programs, summer camps and aquatics.
Location:Leisure & Activity Centre
​Ages: 8-13 
During this extreme art class you are sure to get messy and have a
blast while doing so. We will be using a variety of different mediums
such as clay, plaster bandage, canvases and so much more allowing
you to come home with some long lasting creations that you will cherish
for years to come.