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Community Hub Project

In August of 2016, a staff working group was tasked to examine the state of the current Township Administrative Office. The purpose of this group was to identify the components of the office building that worked well, those that needed updates or repairs, and those that simply did not serve the current and future operational needs of the building and its staff. Staff identified several items of major concern through this study.

As directed by Council Resolution 2016.21.9, Staff conducted an analysis of twenty-five (25) potential sites at various locations within Township according to a specific criterion. The results of this analysis suggested that sites located in the vicinity of Amherst Drive and Speers Boulevard in Amherstview would be well suited to accommodate a new municipal office.

At the July 9, 2018 Council Meeting, Council approved a report that granted Township Staff the authority to enter into negotiations with MJMA for the Design of a Sustainable Community Hub. The Feasibility Study and Master Plan developed by MJMA for the proposed Community Centre began with a qualitative systems assessment of the existing W.J. Henderson Recreation Centre. The elements presented in the Feasibility Study include the recreation facilities recommended in the Township’s Parks and Recreations Master Plan, a municipal office which would house Township Staff, and the amenities desired by the County. This allowed the consultant to determine if the proposed facilities could, in principle, be accommodated on the site.

At the October 15, 2018 Council Meeting, Council approved a report that authorized staff to submit a grant application to the Community, Culture, and Recreation stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program requesting funding for the Loyalist Township Sustainable Community Hub on behalf of the Township; and that the Community Hub Steering Committee and senior Township staff be authorized to investigate and formalize potential partnerships as part of the grant application process. Township staff engaged in dialogue with representatives for the Town of Greater Napanee and the City of Kingston with respect to partnering on a sustainable community centre in Amherstview.  The reports to Council for each of these municipalities are linked in the staff report section below.

In 2017, the Township completed a comprehensive 10-year Parks & Recreation Master Plan. The resulting Master Plan was the outcome of a comprehensive stakeholder consultation, population growth forecasts and trends in parks and recreation services. Several recommendations which pertained to the W.J. Henderson Recreation Centre in the Master Plan emerged from the Public Consultation process.

The recommendations in the Master Plan also referenced the opportunity to include a potential new municipal office on the site of the W.J. Henderson Recreation Centre, along with space for partnering agencies.

Report Title Link Date
Staff Recommendations for the Location of a New Municipal Office Building (page 145) LINK Jul. 24, 2017
Enabling Accessibility Fund LINK May, 14, 2018
Green Municipal Fund (page 255) LINK  Feb. 12, 2018
Community Hub - Project Update (page 291) LINK Jun. 11, 2018
Architectural Services for the Design of a Sustainable Community Hub LINK Jul. 9, 2018
YMCA Community Hubs (page 69) LINK Sep. 10, 2018
Report 1 from the Community Hub Steering Committee (page 41) LINK Jun. 10, 2019
Community Hub Update and Grant Funding Opportunity LINK Oct. 15, 2019
Town of Greater Napanee - Sustainable Community Centre Partnerships LINK Oct. 22, 2019
City of Kingston & Loyalist Township Partnership Report
Kingston City Council Report 
LINK Nov, 5, 2019