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Water Quality

The Bath and Fairfield drinking water systems are managed and operated in accordance with the provincial Drinking Water Quality Management Standard. As per the Quality Management System policy approved by Council, Loyalist Township is committed to comply with all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements relating to drinking water quality, to supply our customers with safe drinking water and is committed to the maintenance and continual improvement of the QMS.

We are pleased to make the following Annual Summary Reports available to our residents:

Drinking Water Systems 2017 Annual Report

Bath Drinking Water System - 2016 Summary Report
Fairfield Drinking Water System - 2016 Summary Report

Bath Drinking Water System - 2015 Summary Report
Fairfield Drinking Water System - 2015 Summary Report

The Fairfield water system covers the communities of Amherstview and Odessa, and the Brooklands and Harewood subdivisions.

We are required, by provincial law, to test our drinking water for a broad spectrum of substances, at different frequencies throughout the year. These include E. coli, total coliforms, general bacti count, chlorine residual, trihalomethanes, pH, alkalinity, nitrite, nitrate, sodium, and a variety of organics and inorganics.

Water Quality Concerns

If you have questions regarding municipal water quality in Loyalist Township, please call the Engineering Clerk at 613-386-7351, ext. 116, to discuss you concerns. Quality concerns such as taste, odour, and colour can often be solved over the phone. If necessary, an appointment can be made to have Utilities staff visit your home.

During the warmer months of the year, Utilities staff undertake a program of flushing all watermains in the Township's distribution systems. Flushing the watermain can stir up sediments that normally occur in water pipes. Sometimes this can result in a brown or yellow tinge to your water. If that occurs, please turn on your cold water taps and allow them to run until the water turns clear. If it doesn't clear within 20 minutes, please call the Engineering Clerk, above.