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Loyalist Township

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Planning and Development

The Planning division is responsible for both long range planning and for the review of development applications for severances; minor variances; rezoning; amendments to the Official Plan; plans of subdivision; and site plan control, used for complex developments such as industrial, commercial, or institutional buildings.

Enforcement of property standards are the responsibility of the Building division.

Policy Planning

The Planning Department is responsible for long range planning and policy development. The primary roles in policy planning include:

  • Guidance of the preparation and maintenance of an Official Plan that establishes the Townships goals, objectives and land use policies for guiding long term physical growth and development of Loyalist Township
  • Preparation and maintenance of Secondary Plans for coordinating subdivision designs, the provision of services and community facilities, housing mix and densities and other related planning matters
  • Preparation of Community Improvement Plans for promoting the renewal and revitalization of older areas and the rehabilitation of private properties
  • Conducting studies (assembly, analysis, interpretation, projection and illustration of relevant economic, social, environmental and land use planning data) for policy planning and development review purposes
  • Advise Council of the initiatives, plans and policies of other levels of government as they may affect Loyalist Township