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Official Plan

The Official Plan provides a policy framework intended primarily to manage and direct physical development and its effects on the social, economic and natural environment of Loyalist Township until the year 2020. It concentrates on physical planning.

For information on the draft update to the Official Plan underway in 2019-2020 please visit 2019 Official Plan Review.

The plan outlines the Township's goals and objectives, states the policies to be followed and outlines the means for carrying out the policies.

Policies indicate positions to be followed and outlines the means for carrying out the policies. Policies indicate positions to which Township Council is committed and describe processes to be followed in arriving at decisions.

The Official Plan provides the framework intended to reduce the element of uncertainty as to the manner and sequence of growth and land use changes so that coordination of public and private investment can occur. This plan is a consolidation, blending and update to the Official Plans for the former Townships of Amherst Island, Ernestown and the Village of Bath. It reflects local initiatives and circumstances unique to Loyalist Township as a whole and of specific areas within the Township in particular, and updates current policies and designations while having regard to Provincial Policy Statements (PPS).

Although the policies adopted are to guide changes in the physical structure of the Township, such changes should be in harmony with social needs, economic needs, municipal financial capabilities, environmental considerations and the management of natural resources. The Official Plan, therefore, contains much more than a set of land use controls.

Note: This is an office consolidation prepared solely for convenience. The original Official Plan, Ministers Modifications, any subsequent Ontario Municipal Board Orders, and any Official Plan Amendment should be consulted for accurate reference. This consolidation includes all amendments up to and including amendment 20.

Official Plan

Title Page
Table of Contents
Part 1 (Basis of the Plan)
Part 2 (Principles and Assumptions)
Part 3 (Goals and Objectives)
Part 4 (Land Use Policies)
Part 5 (General Development Policies)
Part 6 (Community Improvement)
Part 7 (Infrastructure Policies)
Part 8 (Implementation and Interpretation)

Official Plan Schedules

Schedule A
Schedule B
Schedule C
Schedule C1
Schedule D
Schedule D1
Schedule E
Schedule E1
Schedule F
Schedule G
Schedule H
Schedule I