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Amherst Island Flood Damage Repair Project

Road Repairs to Amherst Island Flood Damaged Roads

On T
uesday, November 26, 2019, a Public Meeting was held at the Amherst Island Fire Hall to gather public input on initial plans for road repairs to Amherst Island roads.

Loyalist Township hired BTE, a civil engineering firm, to compile reports outlining the areas and extent of the damages sustained in 2017 (PDF, 10MB) and in 2019 (PDF, 15MB). Maps of the project areas can be viewed by clicking the following thumbnail images:

Diagram of Amherst Island flood damaged roads      Diagram of flood damage on South Shore Road

The planned repair work relates to damages sustained on shore roads as a result of high water levels in 2017. The repairs are being funded, in part, by the province of Ontario under the 2017 Municipal Disaster Recovery Assistance (MDRA) program. This program provides financial assistance to help Ontario municipalities recover from natural disasters and is a claims-based program that, when activated by the province, offers financial assistance to qualifying municipalities. The MDRA program places very specific limitations on eligible costs for which the province will offer assistance. Operating costs incurred are limited to those that protect public health, safety and access to essential services, while capital costs include only those required to repair public infrastructure or property to pre-disaster condition. Municipal claims are only accepted by the province if the eligible costs under the claim reach a provincially defined threshold of 3% of the municipality’s Own Purpose Taxation levy. The eligible costs associated with the Township’s 2017 claim met this threshold and the Township is able to access support under MDRA for 2017 damages. As such, the province will provide funding for the eligible costs associated with these damages using a sliding-scale, cost-sharing formula between Loyalist Township and the province. More information about the MDRA program can be found here: MDRA Guidelines
A careful review was undertaken by the Township’s civil engineering consultant in 2019 to determine the extent of eligible costs for incremental damage caused by 2019 flooding (i.e. damage to public infrastructure in addition to pre-existing 2017 damage that is already covered under the 2017 claim). This work determined that the Township did not meet the claim threshold for the 2019 program, which continues to be 3% of the municipality’s Own Source Taxation. As such, the municipality is also not eligible for the Climate Resilience Incentive, which is only available to municipalities under the 2019 program. More information on the Climate Resilience program can be found in the attached document:  Climate Resilience Incentive Info Sheet

If you were unable to attend the information meeting, you can sign up at the link below to have your name added to the Project Update distribution list. You'll receive email updates as soon as new information is available.