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Loyalist Township

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By-laws listed herein are for information purposes only, and are not certified true copies. Official by-laws are available from the Loyalist Township Clerk. Should there be a discrepancy between information listed on the website and official by-laws, the official versions will prevail.

A full listing of Loyalist Township by-laws beginning in 1998 is available on the Township's Council portal. For questions or to obtain copies, please contact the Clerk's Department at 613-386-7351, ext. 121.

The following are some of the most frequently-requested Township by-laws.

Dog Control and Licensing By-law 2011-069, as amended by 2012-027; Set Fines related to dog control and licensing
Burning/Open Air Burning By-law 2020-025
Miscellaneous Fees and Charges By-law 2019-024
Noise Control By-law 2011-6, as amended by 2012-046
Fireworks By-law 2015-046
Parking By-law 2007-031, as amended by 2019-026
Safe Properties By-law 2015-042
Water Works including restrictions See Water Information
Line Fences (rural areas) By-law 2011-112
Transient Traders By-law 2012-100, as amended by 2017-08
Snow Machines and ATVs - Township Roads By-laws 2012-096 and 2015-089
Off-Road Vehicles - County Roads Visit the County's website
Parks By-law 2006-091
Reduced Loads See Seasonal Reduced Load Restrictions

Sunday Gun Hunting

Hunting in Ontario is regulated by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). Individual municipalities may choose whether to allow hunters to use a gun on Sunday.

In Loyalist Township, Sunday gun hunting is allowed only in those locations which are not excluded under the Loyalist Township noise by-law, By-law 2011-6, a By-law to Control Noise, and Schedules 4 and 5 to the By-law; as well as By-law 2012-46, Amending Noise By-law. Excluded areas are noted on the maps below.

Restricted Areas for Hunting - Loyalist Township

Detail - Morven

Detail - Odessa

Detail - Violet

Detail - Wilton

For building by-laws, including building property standards, and for development and works charges, please visit the Building By-laws page.