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Loyalist Township

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The operation of the eight cemeteries owned and managed by Loyalist Township falls under 
By-law 2015-078.
All enquiries, plot purchases, and burials are
handled by the Clerk's Office.

Loyalist Township Cemeteries  FAQ's          Map                                              

Bayview Pioneer Cemetery NE side of Bayview Pioneer Park
Burleigh Family Plot Adjacent to 2052 Withers Road
Fourth Line Fellows Cemetery 6385 County Road 2
Glenwood Cemetery 2052 Stella Forty-Foot Road
Lutheran Union Cemetery 1506 Ham Road
McIntyre (Bells) Cemetery 1865 McIntyre Road
Pentland Cemetery 1652 Front Road, Amherst Island
Switzerville Cemetery 1911 Newburgh Road
Morven Cemetery  1183 Fralick Road 

Commonly Used Forms

Order for Interment
Transfer of Interment Rights (other than Estate Administration)
Transfer to Joint Ownership
Grave Allocation
Monument Installation/Alteration

(download these for fillable pdf forms)

Please scroll down for information on prices and burial requirements.

Interesting Burial Patterns in Loyalist Cemeteries

Click the picture below to download the presentation and find out more!

Interment Rights and Burial RecordsGlenwood Cemetary

Residents are encouraged to make an  appointment with the Clerk's office to register and/or transfer Interment Rights  and confirm burial records in any of the Township operated Cemeteries. Fees may apply.

Donations toward cemetery restorations may be made through the Odessa Office Administration staff. 

For more information about Interment Rights and how they are inherited, please see our FAQ's.


The current Price List displays detailed prices effective August 24, 2015.


Arranging Interments

The only active cemeteries operated by the Township are Glenwood and Lutheran Union. Please contact the Clerk's office to arrange a burial.

Please note that, in compliance with provincial legislation, the Interment Rights Holder must provide written authorization prior to a burial taking place. Should the Interment Rights Holder be deceased, written interment authorization must be provided by the person(s) authorized to act on their behalf: the Estate Executor, spouse , or adult children.  Please refer to s. 5 of the Cemeteries Bylaw  for further details. An Order for Interment must be completed.

Minimum Requirements for Burials

Prior provision of a Burial Permit or Cremation Certificate; an Order for Interment and applicable fees are required before an interment shall take place.

Please note that Loyalist Township reserves the right to request any supporting documentation deemed necessary to establish authority to authorize an interment or verify the interment rights. Please refer to s. 5 of the Cemeteries Bylaw  for further details. 

Useful Cemetery and Genealogical links:

If you are looking for a particular grave and are unsure which cemetery it may be located in, Find a Person is a good place to start.

The Cemeteries below, although located in Loyalist Township, are      not owned or managed by the Township; please contact the operators directly:

Church Cemetery Con 4 Pt Lot 15 - North side of County Road 2
Violet Cemetery 1346 Violet Road
Wilton Cemetery Con 6 Pt Lot 40, Simmons Road 
(United Church of Canada)
Tel: 613-386-7255
St. Mary's Cemetery Con 3 Pt Lot 30 Millhaven Road  (Roman Catholic Episcopal)
St. Linus Cemetery 217 Main Street, Bath 
(Roman Catholic Episcopal)
St. John's Anglican Church Cemetery 16 Church Street, Bath
Bath United Church Cemetery 402 Academy Street, Bath