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Loyalist Township

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Burleigh Cemetery

Burleigh (Burley) Cemetery is located down a laneway beside the driveway of 2052 Withers Road.

This cemetery was an eighteenth century family cemetery and has three small fieldstones for markers.

Two United Empire Loyalist brothers settled in this location following the death of their father, John Burley, in or following the  Battle of Freeman's Farm in Saratoga, New York on September 19, 1777.

They are buried here with their wives:

John Burley (1768 - 1851)             &    Lydia Richmond (1777 - 1854)

Freeman Burley (1759 - 1838)     &    Susannah Weis (1770 - abt.1838)

Early burial sites often had fieldstone rolled onto the grave; sometimes with painted names or initials scratched onto the stones - now worn away. If markings were originally made on the Burleigh stones, none sadly remain.