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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Partial Burn Ban in effect as of July 8th

Due to extreme dry conditions, and as allowed according to By-Law 2020-025, a partial burn ban is in effect as of July 8th.  The burn ban will remain in effect until further notice. Cooking fires and camp fires will be permitted, however, permits for brush and agricultural fires will not be issued at this time.

LTES thanks residents for their cooperation during the burn ban and would also like to remind residents that they must follow the safety rules outlined in the Open-Air Burning By-law (2020-025) when conducting an open-air fire. The by-law specifies allowable fires/appliances and open air burning guidelines for residents.

Full Burn Ban in Effect

Please be advised that effective March 20, 2020, a complete ban on all open air
burning is in effect across Loyalist Township. This includes all campfires, brush and leaves, and any other outdoor fires. Barbeques, and propane fire places are still allowed to be used.

This ban is made under the authority of the Chief Fire Official’s powers as stated in the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997 and the Ontario Fire Code.

In order to protect both our Emergency Services personnel as well as maintaining the sustainability of our Fire Service, it has been recommended that Fire Services medical responses be downgraded to lifesaving responses only.

In no way do these changes jeopardize any residents safety or well-being, however, there may be possible delays in providing assistance in non life-threatening situation.

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this new protocol, please contact Fire Chief Fred Stephenson at 613-386-3762.  

Update on Services - Loyalist Township Emergency Services

Loyalist Township Emergency Services is committed to providing emergency responses during the COVID-19 event. For that reason, and to ensure the safety of our residents as well as the safety of our personnel we have implemented the following changes.

• All Fire Stations are closed to the public. Only Emergency Services personnel are allowed in the fire stations. Residential inquires should be directed to the Odessa Fire Station Administration line 613-386-3762.

• Until further notice, only complaint and request due to life safety concern inspections will be conducted. All scheduled residential, commercial and industrial inspections will be rescheduled at a later date.

• 911 Dispatchers will be asking additional questions in regards to occupant health and travel when contacting the fire department to give advisory precautions to our personnel should they be required. This process is not meant to slow down our response, just protect our personnel.