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Loyalist Township

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Waste Collection

Bag Tags 

At the April 27th meeting, Council extended the one untagged bag of garbage, per week, exemption until the Loyalist Township State of Emergency is lifted. Residents can continue to dispose of 1 garbage bag weekly without a bag tag. Each bag beyond the first will require a bag tag. If residents have bag tags and do not require the assistance from this program, the municipality encourages them to continue to apply bag tags to all garbage bags. If you’re not sick, we encourage residents to continue to practice waste reduction by utilizing their blue and grey boxes. This exemption will not apply to bags taken directly to the Violet Landfill site.

Landfills Remain Open

The Violet and Amherst Island landfills remain open. Landfill operators will be in the landfill office, but, for social distancing, operators will remain in the office and we ask that you stay in your vehicle. Please drive on to the weigh scale and the operator will advise you how to proceed based on your disposal requirements.
As further notice there will no longer be any hand-to-hand exchanges between staff and patrons.   This includes handling of cash, informational materials and receipts of transactions.  
Following your disposal you will be sent an invoice for the disposal costs.  

Kingston Area Recycling Depot

Effective Tuesday, March 31, the Kingston Area Recycling Depot will be implementing the following measures to ensure public safety. Only 5 cars will be permitted to visit the recycling depot at one time. When visiting the depot, you are asked to remain in your vehicle. Please note that curbside weekly service is still available and should be used to avoid unnecessary trips. Stay home and stay safe during this time. Gloves and masks are NOT recyclable.

Waste Collection Procedures

Waste collection continues according to the regular collection schedule. Residents are advised to follow additional precautions listed below if they are sick.

To help protect collectors and the public from the risk of spreading COVID-19, residents are advised to follow the safe waste disposal guidelines listed below:
•    Place used tissues and napkins in the garbage. Wash your hands afterwards.
•    Bag all waste. Do not place waste loosely in garbage containers.
•    If you’re sick: place ANY item that has come into contact with your mouth, nose or eyes into the garbage – even items that you normally place into your Blue or Grey box (eg. water/beverage bottles, pop cans, milk/juice cartons, etc.).