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Loyalist Township

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Crossing Guards

Crossing GuardThere are eight (8) crossing guards employed by Loyalist Township to assist children at crosswalks, located near all elementry schools. All crossing guards are trained annually.

Crossing Guard locations in Loyalist Township are as follows:

Kildare Avenue at Fairfield Public School
Briscoe Street at Sherwood Avenue (4 way stop)
Amherst Drive at Fairfield Boulevard
Manitou Crescent West at Kildare Avenue
Amherst Drive at Upper Park Drive
Upper Park Drive at Briscoe Street
Fairfield Boulevard at Amherstview Public School

Crossing Guards can be easily identified by their sign and orange coats or vests.

All Vehicles must stop before reaching the school crossing and remain stopped until the crossing guard and all persons crossing have cleared the half of the roadway upon which the vehicles are travelling and it is safe to proceed.

Effective January 1, 2016, Ontario law states that motorists and cyclists waiting at a school crossing MUST wait for pedestrians to cross the entire roadway before proceeding.

For more information on school crossings and pedestrian crossovers, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Transportation website.