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Loyalist Township

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Fairfield House

Fairfield House was built in 1793 by Loyalist, William Fairfield, on the shore of Lake Ontario. It is one of several wood frame houses that remain from the Loyalist era.

A member of the same family built a similar house on the lakeshore in Bath to the west of Amherstview.

In 1959, after six generations of family occupancy, Fairfield House became the property of the Province of Ontario, which entrusted it to the St. Lawrence Parks Commission who operated and maintained the building until August 1998, when Fairfield House was donated to Loyalist Township. The house strongly reflects William Fairfield's New England background and was restored to its original Georgian style by the St. Lawrence Parks Commission.

in 2000, Fairfield House was named by the Canada Royal Architectural Institute to be one of the 250 best examples of Canadian architecture over the last 1,000 years. It was chosen mainly for its historical value as this colonial style home was among the first permanent structures built in Ontario by migrating Loyalist settlers.

Fairfield House officially opened to the public in September 1984 with a visit by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. It operates today as a heritage house museum with  guided tours from Canada Day until Labour Day. The house is situated in Fairfield Park, several acres of Amherstview waterfront, with a playground, picnic tables and barbeque area.

Fairfield House and Fairfield Park are easy to find. Watch for the Loyalist Parkway Gates marking the eastern end of the Loyalist Parkway.

4574 Loyalist Parkway, Amherstview
T. 613-384-2813