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Loyalist Township Accepts Transfer of Ownership of Three Historic Properties in Bath

– In October of 1997, an agreement was reached between the Village of Bath and the newly formed Fairfield Gutzeit Society to arrange for the transfer of three properties, the Layer Cake Hall, the Bath Town Museum, and  the Fairfield-Gutzeit house, with its valuable historic collection,  and outlining the conditions and obligations of the society. Following the municipal amalgamation, a conveyance agreement was developed in 1999.  The agreement laid out the rights and responsibilities it gave Loyalist Township over the properties and the collection.
The Township entered rental agreements with the Fairfield-Gutzeit Society for both the Bath Town Hall and Layer Cake Hall in December 2009.
In December 2018, legal proceedings were initiated by the Township to invoke the ownership clause contained in the original conveyance document for the Bath Town Museum and the Layer Cake Hall.  The proceedings were initiated over concerns that the properties could be sold to a private interest. A decision by the court was made in March 2019 in the Township’s favour. The Township was then approached by the Fairfield-Gutzeit Society in September 2019 to also take ownership of the FGS property and collection under the provision of the original conveyance.  By resolution, Loyalist Township Council accepted the ownership of the FGS properties on October 7, 2019.
As stated in the original agreement, the primary interest of the Corporation of Loyalist Township is to conserve the aesthetic and scenic character and condition of the three historically significant properties.  Loyalist Township staff will begin developing a business plan to ensure the preservation and protection of the three buildings and contents.
Loyalist Township would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and recognize the tremendous efforts and hard work over many years by the volunteers with the Fairfield Gutzeit Society.  These volunteers are to be commended for their ongoing commitment to preserving and sharing the local history and origins of our community. It is the Township’s intention to continue this tradition, working with the volunteers, to share our past, especially with our youth, for many generations to come.