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Planned Installation of War of 1812 Markers

Loyalist Township Council approved a request to install Upper Canada Preserved Markers in Lutheran Union Cemetery to honor Veterans that served in the War of 1812; the individuals listed below have been identified to receive a marker. The Township is looking for individuals that may have interment rights to the plots being marked or are next of kin to these individuals. 

Died October 27, 1813. Died on duty trying to save a cadet from drowning. Captain (1811) 1st Addington Militia.
  Died February 11, 1832, aged 68 years 4 mo’s & 7 days. Captain (October 17, 1809), 1st Addington Militia.
                            Died  June 7, 1842 aged 70 years. Private 1st Addington Militia.
  1st Addington Troop of Horse ( February 22, 1813), Serving in the garrison at Kingston.
  May 15 A. D. 1826 aged 84 Year. Private 1st Addington Militia   
  Died Sept. 23, 1861 ae 72yr 6 mo. – HCB ( Masonic emblem ) Private 1st Addington Militia
  Died July 2, 1858 aged 78 y.9 m. & 13 d. Lieutenant 1st Addington Troop of Horse (February 22, 1813). Serving in the garrison at Kingston
  Died April 29, 1877 aged 90 yrs (96 yr. 2 mo. 23 days). Private 1st Lennox Militia
  Died June 9, 1861 aged 81 yrs. 9m. Corporal 1st Addington Militia.
  Died Sept. 24, 1877. Private Glengarry Militia  

If you know and can provide documentation that you have Interment Rights to the plots or qualify as a next of kin, please contact the township at 613-386-7351 ext. 120.