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Understanding Changes to Utility Billing

In November of 2019, Township Council approved a new Water Rate Structure with a greater reliance on consumption in order to encourage conservation. The new structure to water & sewer rates is proposed to transition to a 40:60 fixed/consumption recovery model. This structure provides customers with greater flexibility in reducing their bill by using water more efficiently through changes in habits, and with fixture or appliance choices. The change will see the flat rate lowered by approximately $20 per bill, while the consumption rate will rise by approximately 81¢/1000 litres. This new rate structure – which took effect in Billing periods ending in January & February 2020- was developed after a public consultation process that began in August 2019 and is based on research and municipal best practices.

Conservation Incentives
During public consultation, many residents requested municipal incentives to help reduce their consumption.  Council directed staff to investigate and develop incentive programs for residents to reduce consumption. 
At the January 27, 2020 meeting of Council. Staff were directed to proceed with the development of the following water conservation incentive programs:

Rate Structure Impact
Council requested that a staff report be brought forward for Council consideration -prior to adopting 2021 water and sewer rates - to evaluate how the transition to a 40:60 fixed/consumption recovery model has impacted consumption and user rates.

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If you have any further questions, or would like to know how your bill is affected in correlation with your consumption levels, please call 613-386-7351 ext. 154 or email