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Water & Sewer Rates Consultation

Update - Nov. 20

Water Rate Review - Response to Public Comments

Loyalist Township appreciates the feedback from each of the stakeholders that shared  their questions during the Public Meeting on November 12, 2019 for Water and Sewer Charges and Rates.

At the meeting, Township staff recorded the questions received.  Below is a response from staff to address each of the questions that were raised at the Public Meeting. 


If you have any further questions, or would like to know how it will affect your bill in correlation with your current consumption levels, please call 613-386-7351 ext. 154 or email

Update - Oct. 31 

Notice of Public Meeting: Intention to Change Water & Sewer Rates & Connection Charges

In accordance with Township Notice By-law 2007-119, notice is hereby given that the Council of The Corporation of Loyalist Township intends to impose a rate decrease to water and sewer flat rates, a rate increase to water and sewer consumption based rates, and a modification to water and sewer connection fees based on the recent study completed by Hemson Consulting Ltd. on behalf of the Township. The increase to the bulk water hauler rates based on consumption will consistently reflect the discounted combined volumetric rate.

Connection charges Existing charge Proposed charge
Water residential* $6,695 $7,545
Sewer residential* $6,215 $5,580
Total $12,910 $13,125
Water non-residential per daily m3 $15,535 $15,560
Sewer non-residential per daily m3 $14,421 $11,737
Total $29,956 $27,297
User rates Existing rate Proposed rate
Water flat fee per month $34.04 $28.50
Water consumption fee per m3 $1.71 $2.52
Sewer flat fee per month $30.22 $25.50
Sewer consumption fee per m3 $1.51 $2.05
Bulk water per m3 $3.38 $3.58

*Single-Detached Dwelling and Semi-Detached Dwelling
The changes to water and sewer consumption and flat rates are to be implemented for the billing periods ending January 15, 2020 and February 15, 2020, depending on the service area, and effective for the January 2020 month end billings for bulk water haulers. The changes to the connection fees will be implemented on January 1, 2020.

A public meeting to formally present these charges and rates by By-law 2019-099 and By-law 2019-100 will be held in the Council Chambers, located in the Odessa Administration Building, on November 12, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. It is the intent that these by-laws will be adopted on November 25, 2019 at the following regular Council meeting.

If you are a person with a disability and need Loyalist Township information in another format, please contact 613-386-7351 ext. 100 between 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. or e-mail

For further information regarding the proposed changes, please contact Brianne MacNevin, Senior Financial Analyst at (613) 386-7351 ext. 154.
Stephen Dickey
Director of Business Services/Treasurer


Loyalist Township is undertaking a review of our water and wastewater user rates and charges. The Township entered into an agreement with Hemson Consulting Ltd. to complete a water financial plan in order to meet its drinking water license requirement under Ontario regulation 453/07. Hemson presented the draft results of the water and sewer rates study to Council on July 29, 2019.

A well-developed rate structure will support water and wastewater services, be fair to all customer groups, and clarify to users how these essential services are funded.

There are three major components to the study:

  1. Reviewing connection (impost) charges, including both a growth and existing capacity component (growth and club fee)
  2. Reviewing user rates and impacts of various scenarios to update the fixed to consumption ratio or to implement a new structure
  3. Establishing drinking water and wastewater financial plans

As a result of the presentation of draft rates and scenarios presented on July 29, 2019, it was resolved by Council to seek public consultation on the user rates and the following two scenarios:

Additionally, further analysis was completed for multi-residential properties and its actual equivalent residential units.

Project Timeline
All meetings held in Council Chambers at the Odessa Municipal Office:

July 29 Draft rate scenarios presented to Council by third party consultant, Hemson Consulting Ltd. Council directed to bring draft connection charges and two out of four user rate scenarios to public consultation
August 26
Presentation to development community by Hemson Consulting to obtain comments on the calculated connection (impost) fees.
- Draft Connection Charges - Developer Consultation Presentation

- Draft Growth Capital Projects
September 23
5-6:30 pm
Public Open House at Municipal Office, to provide an overview of the study process and details on the draft results presented to Council. Presentation by Hemson Consulting included. All public comments & feedback to be provided by October 4, 2019.
- Draft User Rates - Public Consultation Presentation
- Draft User Rates (non-growth) Historical Budget and Forecast Costs by Area
October 15
7 pm
Update to Council on results of consultations. Council to provide direction on final connection fees and user rates.
October 28 Report to Council addressing specific items as directed. Council directed to bring connection charges and one of two rate scenarios to public meeting November 12.
November 12
7 pm
A public meeting to formally present these charges and rates by By-law 2019-099 and By-law 2019-100 will be held in the Council Chambers, located in the Odessa Administration Building.

For more information about the draft study, please call 613-386-7351, ext. 154, or email

Back Yard Hen Public Consultation 


Loyalist Township does not currently have a by-law regulating the ownership of back yard chickens, hens/other birds. With the growing popularity of owning backyard hens and the inquiries the Township receives, the Township is investigating an array of options to regulate backyard hens. Public consultation was undertaken throughout July and August, 2019, by means of a survey and with engagement sessions in Odessa, Amherstview, and Bath.

The results of the survey will be presented to Loyalist Township Council in October, 2019. Please continue to watch this page throughout the month of October for more information. If you have any questions please call 613-386-7351, ext. 120/121, or email