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Children's Red Cross Swim Lessons

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Register online

Picture of little boy dressed in a pirate costume on the pool deck. Picture taken by Loyalist Township Recreation Department.
There are three ways in which you can register for Red Cross Swimming Lessons.

1.) Online here.  

2.) By phone at either 613-389-3648 or 613-634-5355 

3.) In Person:

                     W.J. Henderson Rec. Centre 
                         322 Amherst Drive
                      Leisure & Activity Centre
                       177 Upper Park Drive
                  (Formerly 108 Amherst Drive)


Red Cross Preschool Programs

Children ages 4-36 months participate in a relaxed learning environment consisting of fun activities, the parent and child practice various skills designed to help the child become comfortable in water.

Children up to 12 months and their parent or guardian.
Children from 12 to 24 months and their parent or guardian.
Sea Turtle

Children from 24 to 36 months and their parent or guardian.

Children aged 3-5 years move through our Preschool levels based on skill evaluation.  Once the child turns 6 they move to Swim Kids. Please use this level conversion chart when moving from the Preschool program to a Swim Kids level.
Sea Otter
 Red Cross Swim Kids Program

Children aged 6 and up move through the Swim Kids program.

Swim Kids 1
Swim Kids 2
Swim Kids 3
Swim Kids 4
Swim Kids 5
Swim Kids 6
Swim Kids 7
Swim Kids 8
Swim Kids 9
Swim Kids 10
What are the next steps for my child once they have completed their Swim Kids 10? Check out our advanced aquatics programs.