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Loyalist Township

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Waterfront Parks

Geese & Waterfowl  

The Township is using various humane solutions to manage the geese population for the benefit of our residents, the environment and, not least of all, the geese themselves: low mylar tape temporary fencing, humane canine hazing, 3D decoys and harmless but unpalatable grass additives.

For a greater understanding of the benefits of "keeping  wildlife wild" please read on

Sand Beach Wetlands Conservation Area

5945 Third Concession Road, Amherst Island
Visitor's Map  * Walking Trail * Two access paths to beach * Car Park * Marshlands Viewing Platform * Birdwatching

An acquisition by Loyalist Township with the support of the Natural Spaces Land Acquisition and Stewardship Program - a joint initiative of the Ontario Heritage Trust and Ministry of Natural Resources.

Fairfield Park

4574 Bath Road, Amherstview
Historic Fairfield    House
Swing Set
Climbing Wall
Slide * Benches
Picnic Tables
Summer Washrooms

Bath Centennial Park (South)

311 Bath Road, Bath
Amenities: Sandy beach * Pirate Ship Play Structure * Table * Bridge * Benches * Washrooms at Water Plant; Pier and access to the Fairfield-Gutzeit House

Finkle's Shore Park

697 Main Street, (west side of ) Bath
Finkle's Shore Park is one of Loyalist’s historical gems along the shores of Lake Ontario. This area was known for its shipbuilding and was the site of the first  steamship launched on Lake Ontario in 1816. It is also the site of the first public hanging in Upper Canada in 1787. The park has seasonal washrooms, a pavilion, boat launching facilities and a picturesque boardwalk along the lake.

Benches  Washroom Facilities
Look-out Pier
Boat Ramp 

Stella Bay Dock and Park

5220 Front Road, Amherst Island
Amenities: Picnic Table, Benches

Amherst Islanders and visitors are welcome to enjoy this waterfront park, complete with docking facilities. Boaters are encouraged to tie up (2 hour maximum) and enjoy a visit to Amherst Island. There is no docking fee but a donation box is located at the desk.

Back Beach Park

Off Back Beach Road, Amherst Island

The Back Beach is located at the south-west end of Amherst Island, east of the south end of Back Beach Road.

By agreement with the neighbouring landowner, the beach is open to the public from January 1st to Labour Day of each year. During the balance of the year, ownership of the beach reverts to Nut Island Farms Ltd. The public is requested to respect this agreement and only use the beach from January to Labour Day.

Back Beach is a quiet, secluded spot with a combination of sandy and rocky shore. The water can be very calm or very wavy, depending on the wind. Please be advised that, in recent years, warm water conditions have increased the algae bloom with the result that swimming is not always appealing. At other times, and early in the spring, the water can be clear and lovely.

Visitors are advised that only the beach, not the marshland behind it, is open to the public. Please be aware that poison ivy thrives along the vegetated higher beach so stay on the sandy or rocky locations. There are no facilities and the beach is unsupervised, so use it at your own risk.

Fires and camping and the use of motorized vehicles are prohibited on the beach.

Lighthouse Park

158 Nicholsons Point, Amherstview
Benches * Tables * Three BBQs * Washroom

Mill Creek

Main Street, Odessa

Babcock Mill Park

100 Bridge Street, Odessa   
Amenities:   Babcock Mill * Tables *  Bench *   Two BBQs

Heritage Park

53 Bayshore Drive, Bath