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Special Events               

What is a Special Event?
Loyalist Township recognizes that special events are an important part of life for residents which enhance culture, recreation, education, tourism and can provide an economic benefit to businesses in the Township.

A Special Event is an organized one time, annual or infrequently occurring community event or function being held outdoors on any Loyalist Township property (including roads) and open to the general public or to the general public by admittance.  Indoor events on Township property do not require a permit but remain subject to the Conditions of Use of their Facility Rental Contract.

A Special Event Permit is required if any one of the following items applies to a "Special Event" as defined above:
  Special Event Items for Outdoor Events on Township Property
Special Event Permit Required Further Permits/Approvals
Food sold to general public KFL&A Health Unit - Special Event Application
Service of alcohol AGCO Special Occasion Permit
Tent or group of tents with total area greater than 645sqft Building Permit
Stages with area greater than 108sqft Building Permit
Amusement Rides/inflatables Provider must be TSSA Licensed
Traffic Control/Road closures Public Works approval
Fireworks Fireworks Permit
Petting Zoo/pony rides Compliance with Provincial Guidelines
Aerial sightseeing Fire Chief approval
Location in proximity to Bath or Amherstview Water Treatment Plants/Infrastructure or Water Intake Protection Zones Utilities Department approval
Expected attendance of more than 50 people -
Outdoor private event on Township property that significantly affects municipal services As required

Private Events and Private Property

Events held on private property do not require a permit unless the event is deemed to significantly affect municipal services. Affected services can include fire, emergency or police services; road closures/traffic flow; public safety; utilities/utilities infrastructure; or use of Township equipment. This condition will also apply to a  private event being held on Township property; a wedding in a park, for example.

Examples of events that do not require a permit include:
  Special events can include parades, races, walks, block parties, seasonal events and major festivals. When well conceived and planned, these celebrations can bring rewarding dividends to the organizers, participants and the community.

All Special Events must have a valid Special Event Permit in accordance with Special Events By-law 2018-033. Application requirements for a permit vary depending on the scope and size of your event.
Special Event Permit Application
Organizers planning on hosting a special event, whether it's a concert/festival/block party or parade should contact the Community Development Coordinator for help with planning and assistance in completing the Special Event Permit Application. Apply early as early applications will allow more time to resolve any issues relating to a planned event.

Your primary contact and assistance:
Community Development Coordinator (CDC)
WJ Henderson Centre
322 Amherst Drive, Amherstview
Tel 613-389-3648 ext. 216

Special Event Application Guide for Event Organizers
This guide is a resource for special event organizers in planning their activities, identifying requirements and assisting organizers in following those requirements set out by the Township and other organizations such as the KFL&A Health Unit, Emergency Services and OPP who may have input regarding the operations of the event. The information found in the guide will assist any organizer of an event, not just those who require a permit. 

The Community Development Coordinator can provide more detailed handouts on topics such as alcohol, tents & stages, food service, traffic management, fireworks, entertainment, fire safety, security,  etc.
Even if an event does not require a Special Event Permit, organizers are reminded that all municipal by-laws and provincial/federal laws are in effect and organizers are responsible to comply any legislation.
By-laws & Policies
Special Events By-law 2018-033
Noise Control By-law 2011-06 as amended by 2012-046
Fireworks By-law 2015-046
Open Air Burning By-law 2015-050
Parks By-law 2006-091
Parking By-law 2007-031 as amended by 2019-026
Sign Regulation By-law 2002-2
Smoke-Free By-law 98-122
Smoke-Free Ontario - Playgrounds
Smoke-Free Ontario - Sporting Areas
Smoke-Free Ontario - Rules
Alcohol Municipal Alcohol Policy
Building By-law & Permit Application Charges Building By-law & Permit Application Fees / Refer Building Department
Zoning Refer Planning Department
Dog Control Bylaw 2011-069 as amended by 2012-027

Loyalist Township Special Event Permit Application Form
KFL&A Health Unit  - Special Event Application Form 
Municipally Significant Event Designation Form
St Johns Ambulance Event First Aid Coverage Request Form 
Building Permit Application
Loyalist Township Community Calendar
AGCO-Special Occasion Permits
Ontario One Call  (utility locates for private property only) (electrical permits)
Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority 
SOCAN (Music)
TSSA (Technical Standards & Safety Authority)

Additional Resources
AGCO - What Type of Special Occasion Permit Do I Need
AGCO - Special Occasion Permit Application Guide
AGCO - Changes to SOP Application April 1,  2018
AGCO - Tip Sheet - Special Occasion Permits Public Events
AGCO - Planning Special Events, Concerts or Festivals
Ministry of Labour Safety Guidelines for the Live Performance Industry
Planning Accessible Events: So Everyone Feels Welcome
Spark Ontario - Volunteer Resources
Guide to Accessible Festivals and Outdoor Events
TSSA Event Planning with Amusement Devices
Electrical Safety Regulations
Petting Zoo Report 2009
Transport Canada Regulations - Drones
Cataraqui Source Protection Area - Amherstview, Odessa, Harewood, Brooklands
Cataraqui Source Protection Area - Bath Drinking Water Supply