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Call Before You Dig

Call Before You Dig

Are you planning to dig a garden, landscape or fence your lot, excavate a patio or pool area, upgrade your driveway, repair your home's foundation, or add a porch, deck, or room to your home?

Please call Ontario One Call Ltd. before you dig, and take advantage of the free utility locate service.

Here's Why

Digging or excavating could damage the network of water and sewer pipes, gas lines, telephone lines, hydro cables, or cable television lines that may extend through your property and be located near the surface of your lot.

Damage to pipes or a utility line can place your home and neighbourhood in danger. It can disrupt utility service to you or your neighbours if the system must be shut down to repair the damage. Property owners or their contractors who cause damage are liable for the cost of repair, and could incur a costly lawsuit if adjacent property is damaged or someone is injured as a result. Under Ontario law, it is illegal to dig without having natural gas lines located.

Free Locate Service

Loyalist Township Services Covered by Calling Ontario One Call

By filing a locate request through Ontario One Call, you will be provided with locate information for the following:

Other infrastructure owners, such as Hydro One, Bell Canada, and Union Gas will also be contacted and provide information based on your proposed excavation.

Colour code for marking underground utility lines