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Water and Sewer Billing and Information

Loyalist Township is responsible for the supply of water and sewer services within Amherstview, Bath, and Odessa.
Water meters are read every 60 days in the first two weeks of the month. Water and sewer bills are mailed the middle of every other month and are due approximately 3 weeks later. To avoid late payment charges, please allow sufficient time for your payments to reach the Township office by the due date.
The bill you receive for water and sewer services is made up of both a Flat Rate and a Metered Rate. 

The Flat Rate represents the base level of revenue required to pay for fixed costs such as capital, equipment maintenance, and insurance.

The Metered Rate represents the revenue to cover variable costs such as electricity, fuel, and chemicals, and is calculated based on your water consumption. 

The rates in effect are subject to annual increases with Council approval.

Water Leaks and Conservation
A dripping tap or leaky toilet valve can significantly impact your water consumption. Review the leak detection and conservation tips to help reduce your consumption. It is the responsibility of the resident to investigate the cause of any suspected leaks.

If you are moving to or from a property on municipal services, please provide the required information to set up or close your account. If you are moving from one property to another on services within Loyalist, please complete both of these forms.

New residents are encouraged to review the Utilities billing information.

Tenant Accounts
Property owners are ultimately responsible for any and all utilities charges incurred at their property. To direct bills to a tenant, property owners must complete the appropriate authorization form:
Residential Property Authorization Form
Commercial Property Authorization Form

Payment Options
Loyalist Township offers a convenient pre-authorized payment plan and other convenient payment options. Please note that the cancellation of pre-authorized payment plans must be done in writing. 

Be advised: The Water and Sewer Service Charges By-law permits the Treasurer to add unpaid water and sewer charges to the tax roll of the property to which the utility was supplied, to be collected in the same manner as municipal property taxes.  Water and sewer charges added to property taxes have priority lien status. There is a $20 administration fee each time an over Utilities amount is transferred to a property tax account.

E-billing Services
Go paperless with Loyalist Township Utilities and you will receive a PDF version of your water and sewer bill delivered directly to your email account. The e-bill will look exactly the same as your current paper bill and your bill dates will remain the same, as will your payment options. If you are interested in going paperless, please fill out and submit this e-billing form.